Sunday, August 5, 2012

ROH TV 8/4/2012

They showed clips from Best in the World with the Briscoe's beating up Truth Martini's masked cronies, The Guardians of Truth.

The Guardians of Truth vs The Briscoes
Nigel compared the Guardians to the Funk Brothers. This was mostly just punches, kicks and clubberings over the shoulders. The Briscoes got the win after a roll-up reversal on a suplex. This was a slow, heatless match. Elgin, Roddy and Rhino came in after the match but Elgin again refused to interfere.

Eddie Kingston Promo
King talked about how he struggled and has been sad for 10 years. He said he's going to win the title for his ex-wife and Larry Sweeney and said he will reach his dream of being the ROH champion.

Inside ROH
They showed tons of clips from last week with the WGTT's challenging the ANX and Ciampa turning on Nana. They announced that Shelton Benjamin has been suspended and fined.

Mike Bennett vs Lance Storm
Bennett did some arm work on Lance. Bennett controlled most of this match. Bennett hit a rough looking top rope neckbreaker here.  They had a pretty decemt match overall which Bennett won with a Death Valley Driver on a chain. Nice main event here but the crowd wasn't too into it. Rating: **

Sara Del Ray kicked Maria after the match and put her in a crab.

Overall thoughts: This wasn't a very interesting edition of ROH. Not enough matches and too many segments from last week. Skip it!

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