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ROH TV 8/25/2012 Review

ROH TV 8/25/2012 Review

They played a highlight video with Martini trying to trick Rhino into getting a title match last week.
"Oh My God...Eddie Edwards has just been gored." - Kevin Kelly
Those ROHbots get younger and younger
ROH Tag Titles Tournament Match - The Young Bucks vs Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman:
Coleman catches the knee
Coleman gets crotched and flips
Push Ups!
"Goin for broke there." - Kevin Kelly as one of the Bucks misses an attack and flies over
The Spear
"That could be it." - Kevin Kelly
"So close..what a smart move by the Young Bucks there." - Nigel
"Barely a foot away...there it is!" - Nigel
"This is gonna be it!" - Nigel
"I thought Coleman and Alexander were gonna advance." - Kelly
"Me too, my hair was standing on ends." - Nigel
Look at that height off that jump
Coleman won here with a splash off the top. This match was absolutely awesome. It was around 15 minutes of non-stop high impact action with great heeling by the Bucks. This is easily the best match that's been done on ROH TV. Definitely a must see and probably the match of the week. Rating:***3/4

"You just won your first tournament match, how do you feel?"
"You know, we came here a year ago as virtual nobodies. But Baltimore, Maryland has made us somebodies. We wanna come back to Maryland as your tag team champions." - Coleman
When we returned from the break, Charlie Haas was in the ring:
"I demand Jim Cornette come out to this ring. This tag team tournament is complete BS." - Haas 
"A chair to the head is an immediate suspension." - Cornette
"Well then I say, no Kenny King, then we should reinstate Shelton Benjamin." - Haas
Rhett Titus then came down:
"Me and Kenny King worked hard to win those ROH Tag Team Championships. You might have beaten me within an inch of my life, but what you forget is that I pinned Charlie Haas to win the titles." - Titus
They both said that they were going to win the tournament and that they needed to find partners. Then Haas said this:
"I got a partner for you in the back that is the best tag-team technician in the world. He may even show you something about wrestling. You know who that person is? It's ME, Charlie Haas. I'm daring you to pick me as your tag team partner. We can get to the finals and get those ROH World Tag Team Titles then the two of us can fight over those with the winner takes all, which we know, it'll be me..." - Haas 
"Charlie, I don't like you. But we are going to win this tag team tournament and I can't wait to kick your @$$ in the end." - Titus
"So what you're saying is Rhett Titus and Charlie Haas partners?" - Haas
"I'm gonna team with you, but I wouldn't call you my partner." - Titus
I gotta be honest. When I read the spoilers, I thought this was terrible, but you know, Haas made it work. Haas made it clear that they will fight after they win the titles and that by teaming together, he has a better shot at getting the titles. I liked this angle, even though I was sure I would hate it. Great mic work by Haas as usual.

"He's been touted as a future star in this sport, especially by himself, Nigel." - Kelly
"That's quite a robe, reminiscent of the late, great Ravishing Rick Rude." - Nigel
"That poor kid." - Kelly
Nice kick
Make that a double.
"He is a scouting nightmare." - Kelly

The counter off the chokeslam...he flips out of it!

Marshall won this one after a nasty Alabama Slam. Watch out for Thomas. He's absolutely amazing and is a total human highlight reel. He will be main eventing ROH by next year, watch him. If you've ever seen Eddy from Tekken, this is what Eddy would wrestle like. This match was great and Thomas is going to be HUGE. Rating:**3/4
Jacobs mouths Kelly
"I think I spit on you." - Steen
Inside ROH:
"What do the fans yell when they see Rhino?" - Steen
"You know they are going to yell on September 10th?"
"Learn to love one another, because that is your(Haas/Titus) downfall. Hahaha." - Martini
Kelly then announced with Haas teaming with Titus, there is a blank spot open in the tournament against the Bravado Brothers and next week, we will find out who it is.
"We gon' ride this b**** to Chicago."- Jay Briscoe
"Chicago, there gon' be a convoy comin' from Sandy Fork, to pick up drunks(?) in John Deere's, the 8-time Tag Team Champions. Cal Ripken, Michael Phelps, the Briscoes." - Mark Briscoe
Gotta love those promo's. They were quite entertaining. Don't even ask me what Mark Briscoe said.

Six-Man Mayhem, #1 Contender for the TV title: Tomasso Ciampa vs Roderick Strong vs Jay Lethal vs TJ Perkins vs Mike Mondo vs Mike Bennett
The guys in the 6-man, plus others.
TJ Perkins
Mike Mondo
Mike Bennett
The line-up, see the bigger version.
TJ hangs on
Indian Deathlock with a Northern Lights
Neckbreaker on the ropes

Mondo won this one with a double-arm DDT. This was pretty wild. Nonstop action and it happened quicker than I could even process it. Alot of sprinkles and cherries but little ice cream here if you know what I mean. It was alright but there was little substance. Rating:*1/2

Overall thoughts: Strong show by ROH. They've been on a roll lately and this added to it. The opening match was awesome and definitely a must-see. All the promo's were good and at the very least entertaining and they threw some angles in there. Check it out!

Edit: Thanks to Gorilla_Piles for the correction on "Sandy Fork".

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