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ROH TV 8/18/2012 Review

ROH TV 8/18/2012

Kenny King has given up his half of the ROH tag titles.

Princess Mia Yim vs Sara Del Rey

Never liked Del Rey(outside of wrestling too) and never seen Yim. Yim missed more of the kicks she tried than the ones she landed. Mia tried for a twisting moonsault and missed hard. Del Rey then axe kicked her for the win. This was much better than some of the previous ROH women's stuff. Yim may have a shot someday at being decent, but definitely has to work on the kicks. Rating:*1/2

Maria attacked Del Rey after the match and yelled, "Who's the real lady of ROH, b****?"

Truth Martini called out Jim Cornette. He told JC that JC needs Rhino to help get rid of Kevin Steen. Eddie Edwards came out. He declared a rubber match between Eddie Edwards vs Rhino in an anything goes, winner gets a title shot match.

Eddie Edwards vs Rhino
Edwards did a huracanrana on the floor and hit Rhino with a beer. Man, that's a waste of like $4. Kevin Kelly compared him to The Mongolian Stomper or Dick the Bruiser. No and no. Rhin chaired Eddie a bunch of times. Rhino then ran into a chair on a spear and then got hit wit ha nice german by Edwards. Eddie hit a sunset bomb on Rhino but only got a 2 count. Rhino put Eddie Edwards through a table with a HUGE spear and the ref stopped it, giving Rhino the win. Not a bad match but it felt more about the spots than anything else. Rating: *1/4

Inside ROH
Rhino vs Kevin Steen at Death Before Dishonor for the title in Chicago. The tag title tournament starts next week with the Bravado's, BLK-OUT, Briscoes and others. Rhett Titus cut a promo and said, "Kenny King made his own decisions". Charlie Hass said that the tournament is BS and said that King couldn't handle the heat. At DBD, the winner of the 6-Man Mayhem match gets a TV title shot. Rhino said he would put an apple in Steen's mouth and roast him like a pig.

ROH Title - Kevin Steen vs Homicide
Corino joined the commentary table and thanked Nigel for saving him 15% on car insurance. He said, "look at this criminal coming to the ring", when Homicide appeared. Steen asked why Homicide was helping Cornette since Cornette had a big feud with Homicide years ago. Homicide said he wasn't doing it for Cornette.

Homicide had Steen in the monkey flip position then Steen threw him backwards, ouch. Steen did some earwork in this which was good since Corino's ear got hurt by Homicide years ago. Not enough ear-based matches for sure. Homicide at one point stopped a pin by grabbing Steen by the nose. Homicide took a nasty top rope superplex on his head. Steen then followed it up with a massed swanton. Jimmy Jacobs' got on the apron and Steen hit a lowblow and an F5 for the win. Good match. Rating:**

Rhino then came out and stared Steen down.

Overall thoughts: Pretty good show. Three good matches which you can't really beat. Check it out!

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