Thursday, August 2, 2012

WWE NXT 8/1/12

Dusty Rhodes announced a Gold Rush tournament for the NXT title.

Gold Rush Tournament - Richie Steamboat vs Leo Kruger
WWE is not in any shortage of guys with long brown hair. There's atleast 4 on this show who have it. Kruger pretended he got injured on an irish whip and held his leg. Steamboat and the ref checked on him and Steamboat got kicked for his efforts. They had a basic WWE match with Steamboat winning with a sling blade. Not bad atll. Rating: *1/2

Big E. Langston vs Adam Mercer
Langston really semebles a young Mark Henry with his gear/gimmick/look. He made quick work of Mercer and the crowd seemed to get into him. He won with a move where he had Mercer in the powerslam position and then just fell onto his back.  Kind of like a cutter.

Raquel Diaz vs Aubrey Marie
Diaz is continuing her tour here. She's like one of the Beautiful People hyped up 10 times over. The crowd liked this so much they brought out the "You Can't Wrestle" chant. Diaz won with the Gory Bomb and the crowd didn't seem too pleased. She slapped Aubrey after the match.

Mike Dalton/Jason Jordan vs Camacho/Hunico
Regal talked about how Hunico was in the Barrio getting beat up by a gang. Regal said that Camacho decided to help him and bit one of his enemies noses off. Then he said that they have been friends ever since!  This was a really slow squash until Dalton got a roll up out of nowhere and won!

Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre
Drew went under the ring during the match and Seth followed. He grabbed Drew's foot and somehow Drew dragged him in to the canvas where he hit his head. Drew worked the arm here for most of the match. He did some cool spots in working it over. Drew caught him coming off the ropes at one point and threw him up in the air, only for Seth to hit him with a DDT coming down. Seth started a really nice fired up come back after this. Seth won this one after Drew was bent over and he jumped on his head with his foot and pushed it to the ground. Good match! Rating: **

Overall thoughts: Too many squashes for my liking but the main event was really good. You can't go wrong with Drew McIntyre.

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