Thursday, August 30, 2012

GLOW Disk 9 Part 2

GLOW Disk 9 Part 2
"I'll kick you in the back, I'll push you in the dirt. Keep your eye on me or you will get hurt." - Attache
"When I wrestle, you'll wanna cheer, 'cause I'm a winner and I make that clear. All my opponents know I'm a stud, what can I say? It's the Italian blood." - Tina Ferrari aka Ivory
This one was stupid. Attache used the cast a bunch of times and then gets disqualified for using it on a shot off the top rope. At least they used the cast as a storyline during this. Attache beat up the ref after.
"What would you like sir?" - Spanish Red
"A shingled roof." "A shingled roof?"
"Yeah, it's on the house!." - Patron
The California Doll
The Soul Patrol vs Little Feather and Sally The Farmer's Daughter
The Soul Patrol won this one quite easy. Little Feather is bad, even for GLOW standards, which is quite low.

"Vladimir, you're in Montreal?"
"You heard a man say that he wanted to drink Canada Dry and you wanted to see if he could do it?"

Tammy Jones and Ebony vs Hollywood and Vine
Hollywood and Vine tag the wall
Tammy Jones
Hollywood and Vine attack

Hollywood kicks Ebony in the crotch

Botchamania - OUCH
Hollywood won with a crossbody on Ebony. They started to ring the bell even before it ended. Oops. Ebony and Hollywood were both okay in this for GLOW standards.

Susie Spirit vs The Headhunter
"Look at the muscles in the back of Susie." - McLane
Sorry Dave, don't think that's what everyone is looking at there.
Susie Spirit won with the high crossbody off the top here. I missed alot of this as there were some video issues.
"If Americana and the California Doll jumped off the Empire State Building, who would land first?
"The California Doll because she would get lost on the way down!"
"I heard Matilda tried to blow up Tammy's car." - Mt. Fiji
"Yeah, but she burned her lips on the exhaust pipe." - Ebony
"David McLane says we don't know what good, clean fun is."
"He's right, what fun is it? AHAHAH"
We then get footage from a different episode:
"When I get done with her, she's gonna understand Spanish well. She's gonna know that she doesn't belong in the ring with me." - Spanish Red
"Little Feather and I want to unmask Sara and Mable." - Ebony
Sara and Mable say something that I can't understand
"Matilda the Hun's not going to win, no way. She can't move mountains, especially Mountain Fiji." - Mt. Fiji
"I will show her in the ring she's  a wimp. I will humiliate her." - Matilda the Hun
"Palestina and I are going to cut the T and A off Tina and Ashley." - Attache
"One doesn't speak English, the other doesn't understand it." - Tina and Ashley
"I will chew them up and spit them out." - Palestina
Sally The Farmer's Daughter vs Spanish Red
"You got a girl in there who likes to eat grits and a girl who likes to eat a lot of hot sauce." - McLane

Spanish Red won here by basically laying on top of Sally. I'm surprised nobody died here.
"You can tell the girl from Jaws that died had dandruff, because they found her head and shoulders on the beach." - California Doll
Sara and Mabel vs Ebony and Little Feather
See anything wrong with his picture?
"Sara's smashing Ebony's music. She doesn't like Luther Vandrose(Not Vandross)" - McLane
Ebony and Little Feather get tied up and get chained together on their legs by a person in a white hood....hmm, see anything odd there?
Then they spray them with water and dance, while McLane calls it a rain dance.
"The Terminator comes to the rescue from Outer Space." - McLane
The Terminator
Feather and Ebony won by DQ. This was odd to say the least. Minus the wrestler GLOW had called Stinky the Skunk, this was surely the weirdest thing I've ever seen in GLOW.

Overall thoughts -  Just say "No" to GLOW. This was really bad.

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