Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Global Wrestling Federation Vol. 93

Global Wrestling Federation Vol. 93

TV Title Tournament 2nd Round match from GWF Vol.91( GWF vol.91 TV Title Tournament )- Big Bully Busick vs Buddy Landell
"We got two different styles. The Powerhouse from Power House Hill and the Juke and Jiver from Jacksonville." - Craig

"A mug only a mother could love, but you said, she's not taking his phone calls." - Craig
Shawn O'Brien lays down the law!
"Shut yo mouth." - Buddy
Landell won this with a foot on the ropes. This was a great little match. Buddy was the best he's ever been in this so if you like Buddy, you have to see this pronto. I really enjoyed this mostly for the camera shots and Buddy's antics. Rating:***

Chris Walker vs Rip Rogers - I already reviewed this here:

TV Title Tournament - Semi-Finals - The Patriot vs Billy Black
Suicide Dive
The Patriot won with a flying tackle. This was very good but it should have went alot longer. A good teaser if you will. Rating:*3/4

Chris Walker vs Mahkan Singh
Singh got DQ'd here for using his turban to choke Walker. No real thoughts on this.

Buddy tries to cheat during the coin toss and gets caught. Then, they all got heads on the flip so they had to do it again. Landell gets tails on the third try and draws the bye into the finals.

GWF TV Title Tournament - Winner faces Landell for the TV title - The Patriot vs Chris Walker
Patriot won here afte Landell pushed Walker off the ropes. Since this was face against face, they worked a long and sloe technical style that wasn't very interesting at all. Rating: DUD

Landell then came in to get some cheapshots on the Patriot's injured shoulder and to start the match early.

GWF TV Title Tournament Final: Buddy Landell vs The Patriot
"You shut your mouth." - Buddy
Patriot won this good one with a roll-up. Landell was really awesome here, doing Flair's schtick to a T. It's a shame Landell came too late and was his own worst enemy, as this was top level stuff he was doing. Rating:***

Overall thoughts: The coin-flip took forever and the Walker/Patriot match stunk but I'd recommend it for the Buddy Landell stuff. This was truly the Buddy show and if you like him, you need to see it.

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