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Global Wrestling Federation Vol. 92 Part 2

Global Wrestling Federation Vol. 92 Part 2

"We will crown a new television champion today. Interim Comissioner Max Andrews has joined us." - Craig
"I had to make a choice and I chose to keep this belt, since it's the more prestigious one of the two." - The Patriot
The Patriot had both the North American Title and the TV Title and gave up the TV Title, which caused this tournament. I'd like to make a note that I believe this tournament is completely different from the one I covered in Vol. 91 here:

They pick names out a box for the spots in the TV tournament. Craig mixes up the names and Commissioner Andrews seems to be a little uncomfortable with it.

"I ran the Stranger out of wrestling, how about I be in the tournament instead of him?" -Anthony
"Sometimes you have to make tough decisions. Okay, you're in." - Andrews
"WHAT?" - Craig
"Alright, WOO." - Anthony
TV Title Tournament: John Tatum vs Eddie Gilbert
They both extend their hand, then both shake their head and walk away. Awesome.
"These two don't like each other because of a significant other back in the day in the UWF." - Craig
"We're up here in the high seats and what do you think about Eddie Gilbert?" - Boni
"I can't wait to see him get what's coming to him." - Fan
"The so called 52nd Degree Blackbelt from Southern California." - Craig
There goes the ref
Akbar gives Tatum a weapon
Gilbert goes for a weapon
"He's (Gilbert) got a pair of Knuckle Dusters himself" - Craig
"Gilbert gets him and has the tights!" - Craig
For entertainment purposes, this was easily 10 stars. This was hilarious and great. If I wanted to show how fun wrestling can be, I'd show this. Good story here with a good backstory to go off of. Rating:***

Brian Lee vs The Soul Taker (The Godfather)
This one was a really boring draw. Neither could work that well and now both are out of the tournament. Rating: DUD

Scott Anthony came down because he was supposed to get the Stranger's place, but Stranger chased him off.

TV Tournament Semi-Final: Mike Davis vs Handsome Stranger
This one ended quickly. The Stranger pinned Davis with a cradle after a failed Davis attack off the top.

Not much to this one. It cut off quickly after Simpson said that he brings the speed and Walker brings the power.

TV Title Tournament Final: Eddie Gilbert vs The Handsome Stranger (Buff Bagwell)
Scott Anthony came down during this from the booth.
Gilbert's got something
Anthony loads a weapon into the Stranger's hand
"No!!" - Stranger
Gilbert wins via DQ. Cool finish, but everything leading to it stunk. There must have been atleast 3 different times they locked hands for the test of strength.

"I don't know where to start. There's so many people to thank." - Gilbert
"How's his EYE? He didn't..." - Craig
"I thought it was the other side." - Craig
"I can't remember right now." - Gilbert
"I have a tape of Anthony arguing with "The Boss" and I know who it is." - Pedicino
Overall thoughts: The Gilbert stuff was pretty entertaining, but then again, it always is. You probably want to just watch it for that. I would say this one is recommended.

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