Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Global Wrestling Federation Vol. 91 Part 2

Global Wrestling Federation Vol. 91 Part 2

This one apparently is the 2nd Round of the GWF Tag Title Tournament. The GWF was known for having alot of tournaments...
"YOU ARE WRONG...WRONG. You are saying they can't compete?" - Bert Prentice on Fontaine and Rhodes' DQ. 
Bill Irwin hangs Todd Davis with his whip and gets DQ'd
Lane and Cox argue over using the racket
"We're taking this Global Dome by storm. It doesn't matter who it is. It doesn't matter if it's you." - Jack Victory

Rip Rogers and Scott Anthony vs Joel Deaton and Chaz
Scott Anthony would later be known as Raven.
"Get that camera outta my face." - Rogers
"Mirrors have not a better friend in the world than Scott Anthony and Rip Rogers." - Craig

Anthony got the win here with a piledriver. This was just your basic tag match, but it went about 10 minutes, which was a little long. Rating:*1/2

They did a newsroom segment with Joe Pedicino. They actually mentioned WCW and talked about the Sting/Luger storyline.
Fan Question of the week. Watch for the misspelling of cartel.
Chaz and Terry Garvin vs The Royal Family
Scott Hudson said in the back that the Royal Family asked him if he was Craig Johnson's brother. He said, "No." Then they asked him, "Are you Bill Watts' son?"

This was a decent match but long. The finish was Victory catching Chaz off a flying body press and catching him. Terry Garvin is a bump machine and a selling machine. Rating:*1/2

"If it comes down to the members of the Cartel, the boss will make up his mind about what to do." - Singh
"As long as one of us wins, we'll be happy." - Anthony
Bad News Brown and Big Bully Busick vs The Renegade Warriors
"Hahah, I got a hard head buddy." - Bad News Brown
"Whatever you do, don't call him Mario or he'll power you off like a Nintendo." - Hudson
The one big problem with this match is that Bad News calls 3 or 4 spots directly on camera. He says it to his partner outloud.
The Bully Blaster (Heart Punch)
Double Pin
It was a double pin, but the ref gave it to the Youngbloods, even though Bad News pinned his opponent first. Odd finish. It was a pretty good match though. The camera shots for this were both a good thing and a bad thing. They got great in-depth shots, but they also caught Bad News calling spots. Rating:***

Overall thoughts: Decent show. The matches were a little long but they were good. A nice mix of guys here too from Cactus Jack on interviews to Bad News. Maybe check it out.

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