Thursday, August 9, 2012

ECW Halloween Hell 10/31/1997 - Taz vs Sabu

So this is the big Barely Legal rematch. It's totally different than the original match. They start out with RVD coming to the ring, posing as Sabu. I have no idea why they did this, but it wasted about 8 minutes. Had to hit FF just to get through that. After they get RVD out, Taz and Sabu go to the floor. They brawl in the crowd and brawl through the concession stands. This was no memphis brawl and it really wasn't that great. They then kept switching from fighting inside and outside. Sabu did his typical spots including a monster triple jump placha to the floor. They had Taz on a table connecting the guardrails to the ring but the thing was so flimsly, it crushed before Sabu even touched it. They brawled a little more and finally stayed put in the ring. Around this time, Fonzie started asking the time which was a red flag that it was going to be a draw and sure enough, it was. We got minute by minute time checks by Fonzie while Sabu and Taz suplexed each other to oblivion. With three minutes left, Sabu started to work on the knee of Taz but it was too little too late and it went to a draw. I preferred the Barely Legal match and felt that it was alot more concise and action packed. Rating:*1/2

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