Sunday, August 19, 2012

DDT 8/18/2012 Kenny Omega vs Kota Ibushi

Omega vs Ibushi - This gets a Super NO from me. This was awful. Just meaningless spot after meaningless spot. This match was equivalent to using create-a-wrestler back in the day on No Mercy and building your moveset by finding every big headropping thing you can think of. Ibushi doing a moonsault off 25 foot bleachers barely even got a reaction. Tons of dumb bumps in this too. Ibushi took a top rope german right on the neck, Omega got huracanrana'd to the floor, Omega took a really nasty Kota Ibushi driver on his head which looked really awful amongst other things. Very little heat too for this which shows you how little the crowd was invested. Spot-Fu can be okay sometimes, but this brought back more memories of a bad Sabu match than anything else. The best thing in this were Ibushi's punches. I wish they would have built a match around that instead. Rating:*

I'd say that this is everything wrong with wrestling but I think wrestling has evolved for the most part from this kind of Spot-Fu.

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