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CWA Memphis TV - Random Extras from March/April 1982

This is a mix of things that I found on the end of my 4/10/1982 disc, so I apologize if it all seems ramble together because well it is!
Here we go:

Starts off with a Lance Russell interview with Steve Keirn and Robert Gibson:
"I took everything they could dish out and the only thing was boys, you just couldn't beat me."
"They had to reach as far as htey could go down into the gutter to figure out a way to avoid being beat."
"Monday night, Robert and I will be back. Just remember, you did everything you could to beat Steve Keirn and it wasn't enough." 
They then ran down the 3/22/1982 Mid-South Coliseum Card:

We then got a promo with Jimmy Hart and crew:
"I've just spent the most boring 30 minutes of my life. I fell asleep 12 or 13 times in the back. I had to take NoDoz here.

"I was crying my eyes out here man."

"I am just so scared of you Keirn and those Gibson brothers. You guys couldn't beat your way out of a wet paper bag. Your bark is so much worse than your bite."
"When you go into a boxing match and you win 9 rounds man, it don't mean nothin' if you get knocked out in the end and that's exactly what happened to you baby."

"We beat Gibson and Keirn's brain out til they couldn't stand nothin' else."

"If I remember correctly, you got disqualifed." - Lance Russell
"Who took the beatin'? Who got whooped like a red-headed stepchild? and who walked out with these belts? That's what matters. The heavyweight tag-team belts is what matters."

"The Family is the greatest thing in the world. You know it, I know it and MOST of all, the people know it."
As a matter of fact, I don't think Keirn can win without Dundee and I don't think Gibson is anything without his brother. Now that's a challenge baby, if you want it, come and get it." - Jimmy Hart

We then cut a Jerry Lawler promo:
"I ain't goin' no-DAMN-where Dutch Mantel...
"You understand what I'm saying to you FRIEND? FRIEND DUTCH MANTEL. I'm gonna shake not your hand, I'm gonna shake your neck, punk."
"This is the lowest, stinkenist, slimiest stunt that has ever been pulled and YOU'RE NOT GONNA GET AWAY WITH IT.  You're not gonna keep the belt and I'm NOT LEAVIN' TOWN, but you're gonna be the one who leaves town when I'm through with you Dutch Mantel."
"I'm gonna run you clear out of the country YOU JERK."

The DVD then cut to Bill Dundee with a friend:
"I just wanna take a moment to introduce you to a friend of mine in the promotional buisness."
"So all you folks who want some tickets, call Cecil, he got a bunch of tickets."

We got more card rundowns for the 3/22/1982 MSC show. We then skipped ahead to another show:

"I've been assaulted for the last time on this TV show, brother. I've been assaulted for the last time here or anywhere else. I've sat in the back and watched the most boring spectacle of my life. I'm tired of being on last on this TV show every week. "

"Let me tell you somethin' Davis, Sgt. Betty Davis. I promise you somethin' brother. I got somethin' in this bag"
"He tried to cut his hair like me, he tried to dress like me, he tried to wear a beard like can try to imitate me, but you can never ever duplicate me brother. So tonight, we're gonna see who's yellow tonight and I'm gonna fix you once and for all."

"Dundee's out here goin': BLUUUUUUEEE SKIES, I am so blue. You're gonna be black and blue if you ever come in that ring again."
"Bill Dundee came out here last week saying, they don't know when my arm's healed, when my arm's hurt. It might be hurt, it might not be hurt, right?"
"Sweet Brown Sugar and myself, we found out just how tough his arm was."
"Eddie Marlin came out and took the belts from us because he couldn't stand it getting too wild."
"Now, if your a betting man Lance Russell, I'll bet you $1,000 that the Gibson brothers won't lay one hand on us and beat us Monday night." - Beautiful Bobby
"I'm not bettin' with ya." - Lance Russell
"I got two grand of my money laying on it too." - Jimmy Hart 
"We have to play by Eddie Marlin's rules. He brought the football, he says if we play touch or tackle." - Jimmy Hart
The 2nd fall of Lane and Davis vs Bobby Eaton and Sweet Brown Sugar from 4/10/1982:
JR Hart taunts Davis while Bobby works his arm
Jimmy interfere's
It all breaks down like usual
Eaton pulls out the chair and nails Davis and Embry
McCord with the chair
The First Family got DQ'd.

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