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CWA Memphis TV 3/20/1982

CWA Memphis TV 3/20/1982

"We got a bunch of matches today Davey." - Lance Russell

Steve Keirn vs The Invader

Nice roll-up by Keirn
Check out his right eye, it's covered. Why?
"Steve dropped him down with a suplex." - Dave Brown
The pin
Keirn wins at 3:32 with a german suplex. This was a good squash. Lots of nice amateur wrestling to be had here.

Bill Owens and Ernie Kirkland vs Stan Lane and Robert Gibson

Owens and Kirkland, pretty sure that this is the same Jesse Owens from later in the year
The Stanster and Robert Gibson
Eddie hangs on for dear life
The pin
Gibson won here with the sunset flip at 3:08. This was an okay squash mostly due to Lane with his mat wrestling.

We then got promos:

"You know Lance Russell, I told everyone weeks ago that there was a new wave in professional wrestling and you're looking at them." - Jimmy Hart
"Poor little Ricky Gibson, he hurt his belly. Then you got poor Jerry Lawler, he's got cowarditis. Then now Bill Dundee got his shoulders hurt. You know, we probably have to go out in the audience to find someone for these guys to wrestle."
"So Dundee, Keirn, Lawler, bring it all down, cause' Bobby Eaton and Sweet Brown sugar are ready." - Sweet Brown Sugar
"You finally got some class as tag team champions around here."
"Robert Gibson, we done hurt your brother and put him out of action. Then you got that Stan Lane to turn around and be your partner, the man who done turned his back on Jimmy Hart and the First Family. You'll never ever get these belts around your waist. Stan Lane, you put yourself in a man's position right now."
- Bobby Eaton 
"We back up everything we say and they're powderpuffs, thats all they are." - Jimmy Hart
We then got a promo with the Gibson brothers:

"The other night, wrestlin' Koko Ware and Bobby Eaton, Jimmy Hart came off the top rope and hit me in the sternum. I went to the doctor and he run a test on me, and I got a cracked sternum."
"The doctor advised me not to take any chances. I'm not going to take any chances on wrestling. I'm gonna be out of wrestling for a while, I don't know how long. It's a dangerous thing."
"Since Monday, I lost 8 and a half pounds."

"I just wanted to ask you guys one little question. How in the world did you call that little retarded mothers of yours and tell her you..." - Jimmy Hart
We then go to:

Bobby Eaton and Sweet Brown Sugar vs Roy Rogers and Rick McCord
"Tell 'em we're the new Southern Tag champions." - Jimmy Hart
Into the knee
"Doesn't my boy look great?" - Jimmy Hart

The pin
Eaton and Sugar won when Eaton threw McCord's back onto Sugar's knee at 4:45. This was really fast paced and good for a squash. Eaton and Koko rarely have a bad match.

We then got the same Dutch/Lawler highlight from last week. Apparently Lawler won their last match, tying the series at 1-1. This was followed by a Dutch Mantel promo:

"The AWA has seen fit to match me and Lawler up one more time."
"I don't see Lawler as the better man."
"The superior man has not stood up to be counted yet."
"It's gonna be one more time Lawler, the showdown."
"And people don't give up on me yet, because the Dutchman is coming back.
- Dutch Mantell
We then got highlights from the Dutch Mantell vs Jerry Lawler rematch:

Lawler pulls down the straps
The pin at 23:28

New champ
What they showed of this looked like minimum ****. Lots of nice selling and simple but dramatic work.

We then got a Bill Dundee highlight video because he's injured along with half the roster and they need to fill time.

Stan Lane vs Gypsy Joe
Double duty for Stan here:
They explained Stan doing double duty as him wanting a chance to team with Gibson and substituting for Rick Gibson. Stan won quick here at 1:12 after a swinging neckbreaker.

We then went straight to:

The Monk and The Angel vs Pat Hutchinson and Tom Maley

"Look at the glare off the head of The Monk and The Angel. This is close to a mismatch."
 - Lance Russell
"Cover him, get him baby!" - Jimmy Hart
The Monk won here with a headbutt in quick fashion at 1:02. As usual, few highlights from this one as both guys suck.

We got a Lawler promo:
"I'll have the belt when I come in Tuesday night and I plan on coming out with it."
"What's it going to take for the fans to give up on you Dutch? How many times do you have to lose?"
"I am the king, I am the champion and I will be the champion Tuesday."
- The King
Overall thoughts: So-so show. Most of the roster was out and Lane even had to do double duty. Skip it.

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