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CWA Memphis TV 3/13/1982

CWA Memphis TV 3/13/1982

Big News: Stanley Blackburn said that the AWA will not tolerate the situation from last week regarding Keirn/Austin and the tag titles. This is because it was unsanctioned, only had a 10-minute time limit as opposed to the usual 60-minute time limit and one man cannot control both titles.

"The AWA has nullified the events that took place. They did not give the belts back to Keirn and Dundee."
"They will have a round robin tournament to establish a new Southern Tag Team Championship Team."
- Lance Russell

The Gibsons cut a promo:

"Back when Keirn and Dundee were champions, we were top contenders then and we are still top contenders now." - Rick Gibson

"I wanted to give the fans a real treat and let them see two of the greatest athletes in the world in Beautiful Bobby Eaton and Sweet Brown Sugar." - Jimmy Hart

Rick Gibson and Robert Gibson vs Bobby Eaton and Sweet Brown Sugar w/Kenny Shane at ringside
According to Hart, Speed and Nightmare had car trouble and couldn't make it.

Sugar, the worst dressed wrestler of 1982
They actually called Sugar - Koko here, so I don't feel so guilty now about calling him Koko.

Shane does it again

Just hanging out!

Bobby gets DQ'd for throwing Robert over the top
This was an okay match but nothing special. Lots of chinlocks here. Bobby gets DQ'd at 8:37.

They did a quick promo for the upcoming tag team title tournament:

"I've got The Monk and The Angel; Sweet Brown Sugar and Beautiful Bobby and last but not least, Crazy Luke Graham, and I do mean crazy, with my Dream Machine." - Jimmy Hart
"One of my teams will come away with those belts, Russell. We are going with youth, baby."

"The First Family of Professional Wrestling. The greatest team in the world." - Jimmy Hart
Joe Stark and Pat Hutchinson vs The Monk and The Angel w/ Kenny Hart(apparently, his new name):

"Who is the larger of the two?" - Lance Russell

"This is the first pairing with The Monk and The Angel and notice, there's not a hair on the head between them." - Lance Russell

Easy work for the Angel

The Angel got a shot on Pat for the win in 0:53.

Jerry cut a quick promo:

"The Southern Heavyweight Champion, Jerry "The King" Lawler"
"I've got this match coming up with Norvell Austin. I'm not foolish enough to think that Norvell will come by himself."
"I do think that I can beat Norvell Austin. But, I don't think I can beat Norvell Austin, Randy Rose and Dennis Condrey."
"I wanna win the World Heavyweight Championship."

"I thought I was going to have to have some turn singals installed somewhere on my body to keep him from breaking his nose. That's how much Jimmy Hart thought of me, because he knew I was his meal ticket."
"He is a jerk, a low-life, a double-stinkin' back-stabbin' scum."
Jerry decided to get some help for the match:
"Jimmy Hart tried to get rid of Danny Davis. He knew he was a good manager and a threat to Hart. Hart even tried to stick him under a mask as the Nightmare. The more wrestlers he brought in here, he shoved Danny one more notch down the ladder."
"Danny, I know your a good man. I'm gonna give you an oppurtunity if you'll sit in my corner against Austin, Condrey and Rose. We may just develop a lasting friendship."

" I don't expect the people to accept me. I've got to prove myself to them."
"Hart, I didn't have car trouble, I got one on you."
"I've only been on one side of the fence and that's the side of the fence Jimmy Hart has been on." - Danny Davis

"They say that the grass is greener on the other side. You're giving me a chance to see that it is."
"Everyone of those wrestlers I managed held belts, and it will be no exception here."
"I'm going to be here to insure you that, I will do my utmost, to give you my backing 100%."
"You got my word Jerry Lawler, as a man and a gentleman, I won't turn my back on you."
 - Danny Davis

Jerry Lawler vs Gypsy Joe

Lawler made quick work of Joe
Lawler won with the diving fist in 0:34.

Jerry Lawler and Danny Davis

"Lawler says, you wanna play with the chair? Come on in here."

Bill Dundee vs The Invader

"From Parts Unknown at 193lbs, this is The Invader." - Dave Brown

The pin
Bill Dundee won here in a nothing match with a backslide in 2:15.

We immediately got:

Norvell Austin vs Dennis Upton

Nice handstand

Norvell won here with a headbutt in 2:08. Boring match.

We got a promo by Bill Dundee:
"I've never seen so many ugly men in one camp. You seen the Monk and the Angel? Only a mother could kiss that." - Dundee on the First Family
Jimmy Hart came out:
There was about 10 seconds until Bill got beat down
"Another cheap lousy shot by the First Family." - Lance Russell

Expiration of time match -  1st Fall - Rick McCord and Chief Thundercloud vs Dream Machine and Crazy Luke Graham
Luke Graham

Dream won this one after an elbow at 1:56. There was nothing to this at all.

We then got a quick promo with Norvell Austin:

"Where ya gonna go now Lawler? Winner take all." - Norvell Austin
"I'm gonna have my guns loaded and comin' at you, straight as an arrow my friend."
Overall thoughts: This one was just so-so. Nothing very interesting and definitely no good matches. Skip it!

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