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CWA Memphis TV 2/27/1982

CWA Memphis TV 2/27/1982

Nightmare vs Stan Lane

Squaring Off

Now that's how you counter a leg lock

Stan Lane got the win here in 7:38 after his kick to the back of the head. This was a great match. Maybe the best match I saw so far. They owned it on the mat, which is something you might not expect from Memphis. This was just a great wrestling match. Rating: **1/2

We got two quick promos from Dundee and Keirn. Here's a selection from Keirn's:

"If you're gonna be back trying to beat me, you better bring a chain in each hand and a baseball bat in each hand because you couldn't stop me last week and your not about to this week." - Steve Keirn
The First Family came out:

"Party City Baby" - Jimmy Hart

"What are you celebrating now, Jimmy?" - Lance Russell
"We're celebrating the newest member of the First Family - Kenny Shane baby!" - Jimmy Hart

One of the Nightmares in a top hat with a noisemaker, I love it.

"Kenny Shane, who is the greatest manager in professional wrestling?"
"You Jimmy, you baby!"

Koko throwing confetti on Eaton

"Take a look at this jacket right here" - Jimmy Hart
"Jimmy Hart - We Are Family" - Lance Russell

Dundee and Keirn arrive
"You can't join this party...Eddie Marlin, I want Eddie Marlin!" - Jimmy Hart

Lane sneaks up from behind
"Come on guys, no trouble now" - Lance Russell, who doesn't see Lane

Watch for Lane in the back
"We wanna join your party" - Bill Dundee
"You can't join any party" - Jimmy Hart
"This is my party" - Stan Lane

The crowd loves it

"YOU SEE WHAT HE DID?" - Someone

"I didn't have anything to do with this" - Lance Russell
"I can't even breath" - Jimmy Hart

Cake - 0, Wrestling - 1

"Hahah, Dave, I gotta throw it back to you man" - Lance Russell

"What Stan Lane did is ridiculous. He'll never get away with that, I gurantee you!" - Bobby Eaton

Bobby Eaton vs Chief Thundercloud

"Boy, Eaton is steamed!" - Dave Brown

"Now, wait a minute. Grabbin a cane..." - Dave Brown

"Eaton on that middle rope" - Dave Brown

"There's the cover..1..2..3, this one's over" - Dave Brown
Eaton won here after a diving elbow at 5:25. This was a pretty good match. Thundercloud hit some hard chops and Eaton was really aggressive here. He really played his role well about being mad at what happened at the party. Rating: *1/2

"The game of cowboys and indians is over"
"I gurantee you Stan Lane is gonna pay for that" - Bobby Eaton
"Alright, Beautiful Bobby...Still moaning and groaning about the party pooping." - Lance Russell
Lawler came down to sit with Lance while they showed some footage. Apparently, Lawler got a beat down from some others during a match with Mantel, and Mantel left the ring without helping him.

"He's a big gutless wonder" - Jerry Lawler on Dutch Mantel

"I am not afraid of you and I am a man. Now what do you want from me?" - Dutch Mantel
"I just want you to sit down in that chair and watch this film with me and explain to me why you did what you did." - Jerry Lawler
They showed clips from the match:

"Count of 1, count of 2 and count of 3...but his foot was on the ropes!" - Lance Russell

Eaton, Koko and Hart beat up Lawler

Dutch walks out

"Lawler you got a big fat mouth brother"
"I didn't contract to fight your battles"
"You might swerve some people into thinking your a king, but you ain't swerving me, Jack."
"You run me down, but you didn't even say I was a good wrestler."
- Dutch Mantel

"Your right, I didn't say you was a good wrestler. I said you were a coward, Dutch Mantel. I say your yellow, I say your chicken to get in the ring with me."
"You didn't get in the ring and help me because you were afraid those guys would kick your butt, and your afraid now that I'll kick your butt". - Jerry Lawler

"All you gotta do is say your a coward." - Jerry Lawler

"You're a coward, you're a coward, aren't ya?" - Jerry Lawler

"Lawler, I'm gonna be the last man you ever slap, Jack. You want a match? You got it." - Dutch Mantel
Expiration of time match - 1st Fall -  Speed, Gypsy Joe and Sweet Brown Sugar (Koko) vs Lane, Keirn and Bill Dundee

Steve Regal was supposed to be on the show but he had transportation difficulties. The First Family interferred less than 2 minutes in to get their revenge:

"Where are they now baby? Come on Brother!" - Jimmy Hart
"I try to play by the rules ever since I was in professional wrestling" - Jimmy Hart
"You humiliated me, but it's never going to happen again." - Jimmy Hart

Lane came out and challenged Hart and Shane to a match. Hart accepted.

2nd Fall - This broke down even quicker. Hart interferred and got DQ'd.

We then got some promos:
"Steve Keirn, you thought you was smart when you busted my head open. But I can deal it as you can see, and I can take it too daddy-o". - Norvell Austin
Overall thoughts: This may be the best Memphis show I've ever seen. This was awesome from top to bottom.

The opening match with Lane was a great wrestling match.

The angle with Hart is an all-time classic. They played up the party thing so well and it was so campy and awesome. Hart flipped when he got hit with the cake and the crowd lost it. Just a classic angle and one you need to see ASAP.

Then, it got even the better. The Lawler/Mantel angle was fabulous. I didn't have any faith in it at first but they both played up the issue like their life depended on it. I believed every second of it and I felt a rush of excitement when watching it. They made something out of nothing and created a great angle. Just both guys playing their roles to perfection.

This is a must see Memphis show and so far, it's the best Memphis show I've ever seen. Don't just check it out, check it NOW and show it to everyone because this was a classic.

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