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CWA Memphis TV 2/20/1982

Unfortunately, it seems that the TV shows from 1/23/1982 to 2/13/1982 aren't available. Therefore, I'm skipping ahead to 2/20/1982.

Stan Lane vs Speed

Lane has now split up with the family which sadly means no more Eaton/Koko/Lane team-ups.
Check out the height on that
These two pulled each others hairs back and forth until Lane decked Speed.


They did some really nice chain wrestling here
Lane had Speed in the figure out and then the Iranian Assassin interferred. A shame as this one was pretty good. A 4 on 1 then started with Hart and the other Assassin getting involved.

The save was made by Keirn and Dundee and Hart's crew escaped leaving Hart alone in the ring.

Kenny Shane came out for the save which implies that he must have joined the Family in the month that was skipped.

Lane wins by DQ at 4:43.

We then got some promos:

"Keirn, you gon' hate that you ever signed a match with me because I'm a come now with my eyes full of thunder and some hurt in my heart, so you just get ready my friend, because when it's all over, you gon' get dogged." - Norvell, Austin

"Belts is gaga to us, because we been champions all over the world boy. From Maine to Spain in a choo-choo train, we been everywhere."
"Don't stick your nose where it don't belong Dutch Mantel, cause it may get bit off." - Randy Rose

"Here's the team of the 19 and 80's here. We're whats happenin', we're what's going down sonny boy." - Dennis Condrey
Bobby Eaton and Sweet Brown Sugar vs Roy Rogers and Joe Stark
Check out that coat on Bobby
Hart cheers his team on
Hart and Eaton got a plan for Stark

This was actually a really good match. Rogers sold well and Eaton/Koko have enough offense for days. Of course, we can't get a clean finish as the Gibsons interferred, in their best winter attire:

Koko and Eaton got the win by DQ due to interference at 10:41. Would love to see a rematch as Rogers is improving.

The Midnight Express(Rose/Condrey) vs Chief Thundercloud and Rick McCord
McCord dropkicks Rose
Norvell Austin approves
Austin grabs the foot
This was a good squash. I could watch Randy Rose and Condrey team up all day. They ended up winning this after a Condrey delayed powerslam after the Austin trip.

2/3 Falls: Rooster Cogman and Kenny Shave vs Steve Keirn and Bill Dundee (AWA Southern Tag Champions)

Is the thing on Cogman's head alive?
Oh my, there is actually a wrestler who volunteered to have a wrestling name with the word "rooster" in it. I must know more about this man.
Rooster vs Keirn
Battering ram coming up
The Rooster
The Rooster takin a whoopin'

Tojo randomly ran in during this and caned Dundee to cause a DQ at 6:43. This match wasn't that good but I'm fascinated by Rooster Cogman. Who is this man? Where did he come from?

Second Fall:
Hart came down and talked about how he made a promise to Shane.
"Come on Rooster, you got 'em baby" - Jimmy Hart
Rooster gettng stretched
"He didn't beat Kenny though" - Jimmy Hart
Dundee and Keirn won this one with no problem at all at 5:23 in the second fall. This was a long and not so interesting match.

We then got some promos:
"I feel so good, I might want to slap my grandmama down." - Dutch Mantel

"Now Randy Rose, you baggy-eyed, knock-kneed lookin' Texas egg-suckin' dog, let me tell you one thing. You're not getting rid of me, you're not getting rid of Dundee and you're not gonna win the match. So when we show up in Louisville, I'm a try my dead-level best to teach you a lesson in wrestling." - Dutch Mantel, the master of the insult

"Norvell Austin, you backed yourself into a corner and your looking at your future sittin' right here. I'm not coming to wrestle you, this match may not go long and anybody there is going to remember this match for a long time. Your gonna be telling your kids about this match, because after this match, there's going to be someone left laying bloody and it ain't gonna be Steve Keirn." - Steve Keirn
Overall thoughts: This was overall a slighty good show. There was alot of good stuff but some of the finishes were bad and the main event way too long. However, Dutch Mantel cut a great promo to save it.

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