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CWA Memphis TV 1/16/1982

CWA Memphis TV 1/16/1982

Lance and Dave welcomed us to the show

Dutch Mantel and Don Anderson vs Gypsy Joe and Ken Shane

"and his partner from Oil Traw, Texas...Dutch Mantel"

Dutch with the WAR special on Joe

Sweet Chin Music

This was a really decent squash. Gypsy Joe was awesome, Shane took drunken looking bumps and Don Anderson was good. Mantel won it here with the double throat thrust on Shane at 3:56.

"Don, it's really good to see ya there partner." - Lance Russell

The Dream Machine then came in and said this:

"You are a real life chicken there Dutch Mantel. The only reason you got that belt is because you won't put it up against the number one contender, and that is me, Jack." - Dream Machine
Dutch said he still wasn't getting a title shot after bugging him for one 10 weeks again and Dream said this:

"Let me tell you something there Pekingese head...I beat you 1-2-3 and you did wear the chicken outfit and you know it you real life chicken head dog." - Dream Machine
Dutch then said:

"You get a match against Lawler and I don't care which one wins... you wrestle him and I'll wrestle the winner, you sorry dogface." - Dutch Mantell
"Big Deal Baby, you think Lawler will wrestle me? He just got out of the hospital. That'll be the biggest mistake he ever made to wrestle me. He's not gonna do that Lance and you know it."
"The only thing that was wrong with Lawler to start with was that he had cowarditis." - Dream Machine
Hart then cut a promo about the upcoming match against Keirn, Dundee and Lawler and he said this:

"My strength is right up here and boys, you don't have a chance"
"Someone's going to get burned and you just wait and see." - Jimmy Hart

"I want you to promise me something Ali. I want all three of them burned." - Jimmy Hart

Midnight Express vs Rick Morton and Rick Morton

Rose getting some advice from Condrey

Randy charged at McCord and:

"And Whoa, misses the shoulder. He was intending on busting that one to the backbone there Dave." - Lance Russell

I like the MX but I swear, even I'm ready to put that whistle down Norvell Austin's throat.

"Rose needs to slow Morton down and oh...that did it right there." - Dave Brown
Condrey and Rose here got the win when Condrey hit a delayed powerslam on
McCord at 8:32. This was a really good match. Condrey and Morton were already awesome in 1982. Rating: *1/2

We got some clips from a December 1977 match between Harley Race and Jerry Lawler(video here:http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xiiwle_memphis-wrestling-jerry-lawler-vs-harley-race-december-11-1977_sport)

Race got clocked

No one bumps better than Harley Race

Going down

That Race is going over again...

Looked like a 10 star match easily.

Lawler came out and challenged both Dream and Dutch to a round-robin tournament but Lance said there is no time.

Lawler then said:

"We all know that Dream Machine isn't all there and it seems like Dutch Mantel don't have both oars in the water this mornin."
"I'll wrestle once, twice or ten times. I am better than I've ever been and I've always been the best." - Jerry Lawler
Eddie Marlin came out and Dream said add the match, so he added the match with the winner of Lawler/Dream fighting Dutch..

Roy Rogers and David Price vs The Iranian Assassin and The Cuban Assassin

The Assassin working the arm

Hart browbeats Price

Check out the hooks on those shoes, those could take an eye out!

The Iranian Assassin puts my guess to the test

Rogers got sick of all the double teaming and came into help but it ended up being his downfall. The Assassins hit the double clothesline on Price at 5:53 and that was it. This one started out slow but it really picked up towards the end as the crowd got into it and so did the wrestlers. Price is a really good bumper, as most of the Memphis crew seemed to be. Rating: *1/2

2/3 falls: Sweet Brown Sugar, Stan Lane and Bobby Eaton vs Tojo Yamamoto, Rick Gibson and Robert Gibson
Ricky, Robert and Tojo
Robt Gibson, the lost Gibson brother.
The crowd popped when Lane took his shirt off. They did not pop when Tojo took off his.
Koko, I think my mom has the same tights.
"Tojo goes for the abdominal grab." - Lance Russell

This was a good fall. The crowd got really into it with Robert Gibson in there making his comeback then really lost it when Tojo stepped in. As if this match was going to be bad or heatless. Don't know about Koko's tights, but everything else seemed to work! Sugar pinned Tojo after Eaton hit Tojo from the top while Tojo did the "abdominal grab".

Second Fall -  Tojo started out fast then Robert got in and:

The First Family got DQ for pulling that stunt at 0:25. We then got a melee on the floor:

We then got some quick promos with this highlight:

"Smokey the Bear used to say look out for this man"(in reference to his fire throwing) - Lance Russell

Overall thoughts: Good show. The main was fun and the semi-main was good too. Nice promos and loved the Race/Lawler clips. Check it out!

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