Sunday, August 12, 2012

CWA Memphis TV 11/13/1982

Jim Cornette came out and claimed the Mid-American title for Jesse Barr in a promo. He gave Barr the full financial backing of the Cornette estate.

Jesse Barr vs Joe Stark
They claimed on commentary that Barr was supposed to be on the 1980 Olympic team that ended up not competing. Not sure about that one. Barr hit the most homosexual bear hug that I have ever seen. It made the Yeti/Giant Bear hug look weak. Barr hit a good belly to belly for the win.

We got a quick promo with Cornette and a promo with the Sheepherders saying that Taylor/Rougeau doesn't know what they have done.  They then said that they would break Rougeau/Taylor's yankee heads. Well, one of them is a yankee anyway...

Highlights from Terry Taylor/Jacques Rougeau vs The Sheepherders(Johnathan Boyd/Luke Williams)
This was chaos from the start when Luke hit Taylor with a flagpole and got color. Boyd was really good with his strikes. Everything he did made a good sound and he looked really aggressive about it. Taylor sold wonderfully here. Luke got the win here with a battering ram. I liked it. Rating: **1/2

Boyd came out and said that he couldn't figure out why Dundee likes it here. He said it was so easy down here since everyone was weak.

Sheepherders vs Ken Raper/Aaron Holt
Squash City Baby. Boyd gave out a pretty vicious whoopin'. Taylor and Rougeau came in out of nowhere and started cracking the Sheepherders with wooden boards. They called out the Herders but Eddie Marlin said no can do. Nice fire on the mic by Jacques there.

The Masked Marauders vs Terry Taylor/Jacques Rougeau
The Marauder in the red singlet took some really awesome bumps. He wrestled like a giant crash dummy and waves his warms around on all bumps. Jacques hit a choice middle rope dropkick for the win. I want more of that Marauder.

2/3 Falls - The New York Dolls(Dream Machine/Rick McGraw) vs The Fabulous Ones
1st fall: This match had more tophats than any other match in the history of wrestling. There were FIVE of em. The Fabs got rid of their ring gear in the most un-PG way ever. Man, that was gay. Doesn't get much more New York-ian than "Quick Draw" Rick McGraw does it? Yeah, it does, alot more. McGraw did a really cool bump off of an armdrag reversal here. He basically ended up doing a cartwheel while in motion. McGraw also took a hiptoss onto the bare floor of the TV studio. I don't even think I need to mention how much that must have hurt. They then stayed on the floor and the ref threw it out. We got some great brawling plus more awesome selling by McGraw. McGraw then took a heavy chair shot to go to the break.

2nd Fall - We got some awesome Lane punches then Dream Machine taking a cool bump into the corner. This broke down into another Brawl when Hart got involved. The ref DQ'd Hart so the Fabs got the win here.

We got some quick promos from Dundee and Taylor/Rougeau. Rougeau dared them to come for his arm and brought up The Herders breaking Ron Fuller's and Bullet Bob's arm.

Jimmy Hart refused to come back out for being wrongfully disqualified, so Lance gave us an interview with Bill Dundee instead. He just said that he's been watching after Bobby Fulton and trying to get him to believe in himself. Fulton said he's more aggressive now.

Overall thoughts: This was a strong show. The squashes were good and even though it had two wonky finishes, the main event was really good too. Lots of nice brawling here from the masters of it! Check it out!

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