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Best of Memphis 12/1982-5/1983 Disk 1 Part 2

Best of Memphis 12/1982-5/1983 Part 2
Jesse Barr cut a promo:
"See all these medals? These are real medals."
"I was taught to have respect for the rules and stuff in wrestling and since I turned professional, no one in this area has any respect. And the worst one of them all, I wrestled last week here, that's Dutch Mantel."
"He doesn't know what a rule is. If someone gave him a rulebook, he'd probably use it to wipe his table off."
"If he was to wrestle me in a match where you couldn't break any rules, he'd have as much chance as a snowball's chance in hell." - Jesse Barr
"If you break one rule, I'm the winner of the match." - Barr
"We'll wrestle it your way and I'll show you, you can't beat me no matter what you do." - Dutch
We then got Dutch Mantel vs Jesse Barr:
"Two and a half minutes gone and I don't think a rule has been broke yet." - Dave Brown
Barr gets frustrated and wants to hit Dutch
Barr again wants to nail Dutch
Barr then spit on Dutch and Dutch took the bait and hit him. Similar finish to the Austin/Keirn match. They had a pull apart brawl after.

Then they showed clips from Rougeau vs Taylor for the Southern Heavyweight Title:
"I got out of the ring and tried to help him away from the post, then he ran into the post." - Rougeau

Things quickly broke down as the two partners got rough. Jacques won with a middle-rope dropkick.
"How can you look yourself in the mirror and say you're the Southern Heavyweight Champion?" - Taylor
"In front of all these people right now, I just think you're a sore loser, Terry Taylor." - Rougeau
"I'd like to punch him out right now, but it wouldn't give me the belt back." - Terry Taylor

"When I went into that match, I thought you were my friend."
"Well you made your move, you said what you were going to do. I'm going straight for you." - Terry Taylor

They showed clips from Barr/Dutch with Barr cheating to win the Mid-Americas title.

We then got clips from a Coal Miner's Glove match with the Sheepherders vs Jacques Rougeau and Terry Taylor:

This match was inadvertently dangerous. The ring ropes were super shaky, so the wrestlers were trying to gain footing and slipping everywhere. In the second pic, Rougeau is dangling from the pole. The pole didn't look that stable either.
Rougeau gets the glove
This looked so-so. Pole matches are pretty limited and this definitely was. Naturally Rougeau only got a backfist on Boyd before the glove was taken, so it was pretty useless overall. Cool glove though.

We then flipped to The Fabulous Ones vs Dream Machine and Bobby Eaton:
The Fargo Strut
Hart tries to interfere and decks Dream with the cane
The First Family ended up interfering and got the win for Eaton/Dream.

Next up was...
Jim Cornette and Jesse Barr vs Jimmy Hart and Sweet Brown Sugar
Hart lays the smackdown!
Now that's how you sell a punch.
More nice selling
Jim Cornette laying the smackdown!
Manager on manager violence!
Ah, the booking on this sucked. The whole point of this was to see the mangers go at it and what happened? We got no more than 10 seconds of them going at it before they chased each other to the back. Barr then rolled up Koko for the win. Stupid and cheap.

We then jumped to a Jim Corntte promo:
"I don't have a family, Jimmy Hart has a family. I am starting a dynasty, Lance. And you can make sure one thing, whenever me or one of my men comes through Tupelo, we will hopefully leave as quickly as possible and victorious." - Jim Cornette
We then jumped to Jimmy Hart and Sweet Brown Sugar vs Jerry Lawler:
Most of this match featured Sugar getting beat on then trying to tag Hart who wouldn't tag in. So he had to chase him around.
Lawler won with a battering ram here on Sugar and then got some shots on Hart after.

Overall thoughts: Some of the finishes on this disk were really bad. Good first half, terrible second half. Watch Part 1 of it and some of Part 2.

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