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Best of Memphis 12/1982 - 5/1983 Disk 1 part 1 - Hart blackfaces Lawler

The DVD begins with:

Jacques Rougeau(Mid Americas Champion) and Terry Taylor (Southern Champion) vs Sweet Brown Sugar and Bobby Eaton:

"In the past, Taylor has usually ended up getting the best of Bobby Eaton." - Dave Brown
"That's what you call between a rock and a hardplace." - Lance Russell
"The Mid-Americas champion against the Southern Fireplug." - Lance Russell

"Still too far away." - Lance Russell

"He caught him with that great dropkick." - Lance Russell
Taylor and Rougeau won the first fall at 9:10 after Rougeau dropkicked Sugar. Good fall and Jacque's dropkick owns.

Second fall:
Eaton pushes Jacques off the middle rope
Eaton and Sugar won after Sugar hit an elbow at 2:43. Jacques had a nasty landing off the middle rope on his head.

"That's teamwork. I don't know if it's exactly legal teamwork." - Lance Russell
That was it. It was a strong match but I'd love to know if there was more to it or not. Rating: **3/4

Terry Taylor and Bill Dundee vs Sweet Brown Sugar and Bobby Eaton
"Taylor couldn't resist the chance to bust him in the chops." - Lance Russell
"He caught Taylor in the head with that foot." - Lance Russell

Taylor won this one after a missed dropkick from Koko on Eaton at 5:53. Really good and heated match. Eaton and Sugar teased going at it after the match. Hart then slapped Sugar. Rating: **1/2
"Little problem with the family there, eh?" - Lance
"Nobody tries to embarass me. I've got everything under control. Bobby go out there in the back and get my shoes and clothes." - Hart
"Sugar, you got one minute to come out here. Kiss my boots on TV or you're out of the Family, understand that?" - Hart

"Sugar, do you hear me in the back? Evidently, you must be deaf, because you don't realize that your future is on the line right here baby.
"Sugar, here are my boots, here is the towel. Now, come on out here. I'm dropping them on the floor and you got 45 seconds to come out here." - Hart
"Okay baby, you are out of the family. From now on, you're a Koko Ware."

At this time, Andy Kaufman put a $5,000 bount on Jerry Lawler. We then got Jerry Lawler vs Sabu. Lawler came down for a promo first:
"Hart, I'm gonna give you and your whole stinking family an oppurtunity right now. Bring every damn one of your family out here right now and let's see what you can do about it." - Lawler
Lawler throws a chair
"Well, what the King wants, the King gets baby." - Hart
Lawler bangs Sabu's head off the desk
"Oh man oh man, Lawler. C'mon Jerry." - Lance
Lawler throws Eaton into the desk
Then launches him over it

"Jerry needs some help. Right now." - Lance
"Marlin decks Sabu, Bobby Eaton" - Lance

Sugar turns face and decks Eaton!

Lawler gets Sabu's collar

"I don't shine shoes for nobody. He can take that family and stick it where the sun don't shine. He don't know how to handle my kind." - Koko 
Great angle. Lawler brawled like the Terminator and laid a whoppin' on the Family. Koko's turn was awesome and Sabu bumps like a madman. Awesome angle.

The Fabulous Ones vs The Invader and Pat Hutchinson
Squash City right here. Nothing to this one really. Fabs won in 3 minutes.

We then got a Hart/Eaton/Koko promo:
"Probably the greatest week of my life. Bobby Eaton got me the belt. Sabu won his match. Sugar did mess up just a litle bit with one little raincloud, but that was all. But the Family's coming back!
We then cut to this part:
"Bobby's the one to cause you to lose it, man." - Koko
Koko and Bobby push each other
"Aw, Jesus man." - Bobby
"He's been whining like a woman all week Lance." - Bobby
We then got highlights from Bobby Eaton and Sabu vs Jerry Lawler and Sweet Brown Sugar:
"Carl Fergie holds the chair up while Eaton slams the head against it." - Lance

 Sabu and Eaton won this at 13:57 when Sabu pinned Koko. This looked like a heck of a brawl. Bobby Eaton never looked better. Minimum ***1/2 from the highlights. After the match, The First Family put blackface on Jerry Lawler.

We then got a promo following that:
"It's another time that Hart has shown how simple-minded he is."
"It's not what's outside of the person that makes a man. I don't have this man as a partner because of what color he is. It doesn't matter what color he is becuase I'd hate Hart if he was green." - Lawler
Overall thoughts: This was a great part 1 of this disc. The Koko turn was great and Bobby Eaton was the man in this. Lawler was really good too and what can I saw, you want all of it. 1982/1983 were clearly different times as you know the blackfacing of Lawler wouldn't have went over well anywhere.

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