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Best of Memphis 12/198 to 5/1983 Disk 2 Part 2

Best of Memphis 12/198 to 5/1983 disk 2 part 2

We start off with a First Family interview:
"Eddie Marlin has ruined my party and it makes him so happy. I hate to see him so happy." - Jimmy Hart
"The family will have the last laugh, cuz' he who laughs last, laughs the longest."
Sabu and Carl Fergie vs The Fabulous Ones:
Hart tries to use the cane and misses
And that was it! I swear. Lane pinned Fergie after a missed cane shot in 21 seconds. Then, Fergie turned on Hart and Sabu:
"We chose our song, everybody wants you. How true it is..." - Stan Lane
We then got a BOBBY HEENAN promo!
"When Mr. Bockwinkle defeats Mr. Lawler, he'll hang his head so far in shame, he'll disappear so far south you'll never see him again." - Bobby Heenan
"And The Fabulous Ones...since I can't be there with my men.."

"I'm sending two men down there. These two men wear masks. They are 6-5 and 6-6...and they are going to come there."
"They won't be called the Fabulous Ones, they will be called the Very Very Sorry"
"And when this is all over and done with, I may come to your small little burgh and bring my champion, Nick Bockwinkle."
"These two men, they are the United States Tag Team Champions and they wear masks. Their names are, now turn up the volume and listen to this...the Executioners. You sleep with that Mr. Keirn and Mr. Lane"
- Bobby Heenan

We then cut to a Jacques Rougeau promo:
Jacques arrives with a stereo
"Jacques, what is this?"
"Dirty Laundry, how you like it fans?"
"Somedays are diamondddddssss..." - Rougeau signing
"Terry Taylor, you ain't so humble in my eyes. You're a big hypocrite, what you say out here, you try to con the people that you're a nice guy. You're not a nice guy." - Jacques
Jacques Rougeau vs Dutch Mantel:
Jacques then walked out:
"I don't need to waste my time with him." - Jacques
Dutch Mantel won by countout. This was over in like two minutes.

We got highlights of Rougeau retaining his title over Terry Taylor.

We got another Jacques Rougeau promo:
"Do you know, Lance Russell, what a no-disqualification means?"
"I'm the champion and I always will be."
"I am the best thing that ever happened to this area."-
- Rougeau
Southern Heavyweight Title - No DQ - Jacques Rougeau vs Terry Taylor:
Jacques keeps going into his tights but taking out nothing
He's found something.

He fumbles it!
Dutch then proceeds to get nailed with the object. This distracted Jacques and Taylor won with a schoolboy to win the title! Decent, storyline oriented match. Rating: *1/2. After the match, Jacques talked and Dutch chased him out with Shoo-Baby:
"You got something with me now, brother. You got a big issue with me now."
"This ain't Canada, this is the SOUTH. And I don't think you've been introduced to this."
"As sure as my name is Dirty Dutch, the next we meet, I'm gonna own you brother." - Dutch Mantel 
Awesome promo. Dutch rules.

We then got this:
Cornette, Barr, Steve O and ADRIAN STREET
Adrian cops a feel.
"This is the one I've been looking forward to. I really wanna get my hands on these guys." - Street on the Fabs
"Keirn and Lane have been imitating you?"
"Their hair and they blotted their head to try to look like me and they are trying to act like me."
"I've got my own music, music I sing to myself." - Street
"They look like two little ducks trying to imitate a swan."
"They may be pretty but I am beautiful."
"This is a strange combination to say the least." - Steve O
"We've got every style covered." - Cornette
"They are just like dinosaurs. They got million dollar bodies and ten cent brains and if they're not careful, they're gonna be extinct."
We then got a video of the Fabs working out in speedo's. If you think I'm taking caps of this, you might also think Adrian Street is normal. The video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLsQE1z0yPg

We cut to Street and Linda watching The Fab's video. I swear, I'm being serious here. What else could they have been watching before they switched cams?
There was a 6-man, but whoever recorded this decided to skip it. I have no idea why as Adrian Street in Memphis of all places seems interesting to say the least.

The Sheerherders then got into a fight with Steve O.
Bill Dundee evened the score while Steve O fought without his pants.

Eddie Marlin then came out and signed Dundee/O vs The Sheepherders.

"Some men have one personality. Two men have two personalities. But have you ever seen one man have two personalities? I had Terry Taylor beat on the floor then his lovely wife Dutch Mantel come running out to help him win my title." - Rougeau
"You take that big ole bull whip of yours and you take Terry Taylor into your pen and take care of him." - Rougeaus
Kinya Kondorei and Sabu vs The Fabulous Ones
The Fabs won this super quick with a launches thrust to the throat.

We got low quality clips of Barr and Street beating the Fabs at the MSC.

Stagger Lee (Koko B. Ware) vs Kinya Kondorei
The First Family quickly interferred and then tried to unmask Lee. Lawler came in for the faile save and the tape cut off.

Overall thoughts: This was an interesting disc. Lots of different characters and way too much stuff geared towards women. We had a nice mix of managers though with Cornette, Hart and Heenan. Might be worth a look.

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