Friday, August 31, 2012

GLOW Disk 10 Part 2

GLOW Disk 10 Part 2

Today's Card:

Susie Spirit vs Attache
"Susie's sweet as apple pie, but today she's gonna die. I'll beat her head and break her bones, all you'll hear is Susie's moans"
"When I wrestle, I'm 10 feet tall and my opponent's bound to fall. I love to give those tough girls fits from hittin' 'em with the Susie Split."
"I think I'm going to be puking red, white and blue." - Ninotchka on commentary
Attache does a backflip
Attache paints Susie
Susie Spirit won this one after a flying bodypress. I don't know if you'd believe me, but this was pretty good minus two botches. Susie did a bunch of flying and the story was pretty decent here. Rating:1/2*

"She wears her favorite party dress and leaves her victim's in a mess."

" and all, Dementia's axe is gonna fall."
"And now, Tinkerbelle is about to enter the ring." - Ninotchka
Tara the Southern Belle vs Dementia
Dementia won this one after a small splash. Naturally, this was not very good, but they focused almost solely on Dementia's shenanigans.

We got a performance of Nasty and Mean

Mana the Headhunter vs Americana
"Mana won't stop until you're dead, she'll cut you down and take your head. A wild woman without a soul, she's under Aunt Kitty's sole control." - The Bad Girls
Mana's entrance
Mana worked Americana's leg over the post and got counted out. All they did was fight over the spear. This was pretty boring.

Little Fiji, Little Egypt, Amy the Farmer's Daughter, The California Doll, Tina Ferrari (Ivory) and Ashley Cartier vs The Soul Patrol, Hollywood and Vine and The Heavy Metal Sisters
Apparently Spike used a blowtorch on Amy, but they didn't show it. They then apparently arrested the Heavy Metal Sisters.
The Soul Patrol work over Tina Ferrari
Tina and Ashley pinned Hollywood and Vine after stereo splashes. McLane announced Little Feather as one of the winners even though she wasn't in this match. Moreover, Little Fiji completely disappeared from this one. Terrible match.

We then cut to another show:

One arm tied behind the back - Matilda the Hun vs Mt. Fiji
"In the ring, I have fun, except when I wrestle Matilda the Hun. But I can beat her without a doubt, she's nothin' but a Sauerkraut"
"She even ties her shoelaces into little knot-zi's."- Sir Miles Headlock: Terrible
The rules were that if your arm got untied, you lost. Matilda got hers untied quickly then used the advantage to beat on Fiji. Fiji deadweight slammed Matilda over the top. Looked like no easy feat.
"Two home girls from Cabrini Green and if you think about it(?) in our ring. We show no mercy without a doubt, 'cuz we're the ones who will knock you out."
The Soul Patrol vs Americana and Little Egypt
"Adore's not so bright. Last week, she went to the dentist and asked for wisdom teeth to be put in." - Sir Miles Headlock
Americana and Little Egypt won after stereo splashes. I guess that's the default GLOW finish.

"Amy the Farmer's Daughter must be in the manure buisness." - Spanish Red
"Right, because she sure is full of it." - Palestina
Dementia vs Tina Ferrari (aka Ivory)
"I get what I want, I never lose 'cause an offer from Tina's one you can't refuse. Fury and style are one and the same, put a step to me and I'll put you to shame" 
Tina won with a flying bodypress. Dementia brought an axe into the ring at one point and didn't get DQ'd. That's GLOW. Surprising to see Dementia lose.

Overall thoughts: Again, not a good disk. Some ridiculous stuff on here, with varying levels of entertainment. Skip it.