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WWF Superstars of Wrestling 1/6/1990

I'd like to note that it appears the local promo's are cut out of this one unfortunately. Don't blame me! Sucks though.

Here we go:

Brutus Beefcake vs George South
This was notable for Jesse mentioning that he lost more hair than Vince ever had. This may be the only time they ever mentioned Jesse's baldness. Martel was on an inset and said he wanted to come down and take a closer look at Bruti. Bruti got the sleeper for the win and cut a decent chunk of the hair on top of South's head after. Martel then came on the interview platform and attempted to insult Beefcake, but it was pretty awful. Beefcake came up to Martel and chased him with his shears and then ended up cutting Martel's hat and jacket. Jesse said Bruti should be arrested for destroying Martel's property and I tend to agree. Bruti then cut Martel's clothes and made them "Beefcake style"(lots of holes) then paraded in them.

Koko B. Ware vs Alan Martin
I think Koko was wearing yellow tape around his hair outline. Koko was pretty good here and won with the Ghostbuster(brainbuster). Watching drunk guys do the bird was amusing.


Mr. Perfect vs Mark Reagan
Genius did a poem talking about how Perfect will chew gum and then make Hogan look like a fool. Perfect promised to throw Hogan out last at the Rumble. Jesse pointed out that Hogan may be gone before Perfect even gets in. Perfect won with the Perfectplex.

Big Boss Man vs Tony Montana
Insert Scarface joke here. Bossman wasn't even in this for 1 minute and won with the Bossman slam. He put a ball and chain on Montana after the match and dropped the ball on Montana's stomach.

Bushwhackers vs Tom Ziegler and Iron Mike Sharpe
Jesse said the average IQ of Huntsville was about 10 points lower than Luke and Butch. They hit the battering ram and the Bolsheviks came down. Jesse correctly points out that the crowd shouldn't be chanting USA as neither the Bushies or the Bolsheviks were from USA. Hey, maybe they were cheering for Ziegler. The Bushwhackers won with the double gutbuster. Vince said that there has to be a place for the Bushwhackers in NASA somewhere. Bushwhackers in Space anyone?

Brother Lover with Sherri, Slick, Jimmy Hart, Fuji and Heenan
He had them all on since they all had wrestlers in the rumble. Sherri said Macho will win. Sherri looked pretty crazy here with odd facepaint. Hart said Bravo, Earthquake, Rhythm N Blues or Valentine can win it. Slick said to look out for Akeem, Fuji said he had the Powers of Pain and Heenan ran down all the previously mentioned guys. He described Rhythm N Blues as being "something". Okay, that's a little general. Heenan said everyone is wasting their time since he has Rude, Haku and Andre then told Hart to go play at Disneyland. This was quick, thankfully. I always despise Brother Love segments.

Royal Rumble Report
They showed clips from the Warrior interferring on Bravo's match with a jobber from the previous week before he got a chair from Bravo. Jesse said Warrior got what he deserved and he's right. Warrior and Bravo made some remarks and Warrior said that Bravo was lucky that he only stuck "one small facial feature" into Bravo's buisness.

Royal Rumble - 1/21/1990 at 4PM Eastern:
Rougeaus vs Bushwhackers
Ronnie Garvin vs Greg Valentine in a submission match
Beefcake vs The Genius
Brother Love with Sapphire and Sherri
Duggan vs Bossman
Royal Rumble Match

Rhythm N Blues vs Paul Roma/Jim Gorman
Hammer was still blonde here. Garvin did an inset saying Valentine won't be around much longer. Jesse said that Honky was always thinking of his friends. Hammer won with the Hammer Jammer Figure 4. This was the 2nd longest match on the show by 13 seconds.

Next Week: Ted Dibiase donning the tights, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Rick Martel, the Rockers, Earthquake and Brother Love with the Warrior

Thoughts: You know, sometimes 2 minute squashes aren't so bad. The wrestler and storyline get over and there's really not much time wasted. This show was mostly a build up to the Rumble and it did a fair job. Taking a look at the card above, it doesn't look too promising though for the Rumble.

I really missed the localized promo's being cut from this one. It made the show short though at only 34 minutes.

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