Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WWF Superstars of Wrestling 1/13/1990

From Huntsville, Alabama!

Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty defeated Mike Davis & Lee Peak at 3:28 when Michaels pinned Peak following double flying fistdrops off the top
The PoP's did an inset and said they will get revenge on the Rockers for putting their hands on Fuji. Vince really stretches the point that they are all going to be fighting "individually". Jesse mentions that he'd be upset if he had one of those cable systems that didn't carry the Rumble or Mania. He said he'd write his congressman personally...no subliminal messages here! This was an okay squash by WWF standards. Vince mentions that one of them could win the Rumble, yeah right.  I don't even think I would have believed that as a kid.

Royal Rumble Update
The Rougeaus say that the Bushwhackers will "Stumble, Tumble and Fumble at the Rumble!". The Whackers said something...maybe about sending the Rougeaus back to Canada. Gene said Bruti is his barber. Hammer promised to break Garvin's leg.

Tito Santana pinned Iron Mike Sharpe at 2:22 with the flying forearm
Vince and Jesse decided to discuss Sherri and Sapphire at the Rumble during this. Why? Tito said he wouldn't rely on luck to win the Rumble on an inset. Jesse pimped the luck of the draw at the Rumble and mentioned that being "#1" is the kiss of death and Vince argued it.

The Canadian Earthquake (w/ Jimmy Hart) pinned Mike Shelton at 1:45 with the sit-down splash; after the bout, Earthquake hit the move a second time, resulting in Shelton being taken backstage on a stretcher.
The crowd chanted for the Warrior during this and Hart called Earthquake the "National Disaster". Vince and Jesse talked about Honky's "greatest hits" and mentioned Honky nailing Savage and Beefcake. 1990 comedy everyone. Earthquake's splash was rated as a "7 or an 8" on the Richter scale.

Honey Combs commercial with Andre

Jim Duggan pinned Tony Burton at 2:14 with the running clothesline
Bossman inset with him promising to break Duggan's thumb if he pus it in his face. Lots of discussion about Hacksaw's relatives being monkeys.

Ted Dibiase (w/ Virgil) defeated Dale Wolfe via submission with the Million $ Dream at 2:38
Jesse makes the case for Dibiase buying his spot in the Rumble last year. Quick Jake inset. Ted hit a rough looking piledriver. Jesse said Hogan was the favorite in the Rumble. Dibiase got the win then put $100 in Wolfe's mouth. That was probably his pay for the day. I wonder if Vince made him spit it out.

Brother Love with The Ultimate Warrior
Warrior talked about Bravo drinking water that was thinner than what the Warriors drink. Brother Love said, "You're Crazy". Good Call.

Royal Rumble Report
Honky said there will be 29 hits at the Rumble and promises to sing and dance for "everyone of you". Rude said that as the night goes longer, he gets stronger. Perfect said he was the "only Superstar" in the Rumble. I bet Vince liked that.

Rick Martel defeated Jerry Monti via submission with the Boston Crab at 2:43
Beefcake did an inset with Martel's torn clothes and asked if he likes how he looks. Jesse said he's modeling for the homeless.

Event Center
Jimmy Hart said that what must go up must go down to Snuka. Sadly the rest is unwatchable due to buffering

Overall thoughts: Boring show here but it had some funny lines. We are in total Royal Rumble hype mode now!

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