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WWF Superstars 1/20/1990

From Birmingham, Alabama

Jimmy Snuka pinned the Brooklyn Brawler with the crossbody off the top at 2:04(Alfred and Tony on commentary)
Tony mentioned that the Brawler had a tremendous record in the WWF. Maybe he's talking about a different Brawler. They talked about how Snuka could do more than fly high and naturally, every move of his except a punch in this were highflying moves. Snuka won with a Superfly Splash.

America's voice has been heard and now everyone can see the Royal Rumble according to Gene. The Rougeaus said that the ring in their match with the Bushwhackers will be a house of fire and that they will huff, puff and blow their house back to New Zealand. The Genius cut a poem about not getting his hair cut due to his brains and Bruti said he's "made a date, so don't be late".

Dino Bravo defeated Alan Reynolds(Jesse and Vince on commentary)
Let it be noted that Dino Bravo is my least liked wrestler ever. I thought his whole WWF run was a giant waste of time. This one was quick which was okay in my book. Earthquake did his sit down splash after and Jesse said it was a "10" on the Richter Scale. They are still calling Earthquake the "National Disaster" here.

Ron Garvin defeated Pablo Crenshaw via submission with the Scorpion Deathlock at 1:47 (Alfred and Tony on commentary)
They said that the difference between Garvin and Valentine was that Garvin's shinguard was only for show and he didn't use it in his holds. Garvin said that his match with Valentine is the most important one in his career. I disagree. Garvin pulled out the Garvin Stomp and won with the Scorpion.

Ted Dibiase (w/ Virgil) defeated Lee Peak via submission with the Million $ Dream; after the bout, Jake Roberts attacked Dibiase and Virgil, stole the Million $ belt, and put it in the snake bag with Damien(Vince and Jesse on commentary)
Jake said on an inset that Dibiase told him to come and get the belt if he wanted it. He did. Jake took the belt and pointed to himself like he was the champion. I'd say it's ridiculous but Dibiase awarded himself the belt without doing anything, so maybe it's not that farfetched. This was a good squash and a good angle.

Brother Love with Hulk Hogan as the guest
The crowd was so hot for Hogan. It was hard to hear anything they said. Hogan said he wanted #1 in the Rumble, come on now. Hogan said he wanted he didn't want to throw anyone over the top but wanted to stack them up and pin them. Maybe he doesn't want to win the Rumble? Hogan then said he hopes Warrior will last as he wants to challenge him to see what he's made of. This is how you book things in advance. Brother Love said Perfect will be the last one in there and Hogan said he wants to take him on too.

Rick Rude (w/ Bobby Heenan) pinned Dale Wolfe with the Rude Awakening at 1:05(Alfred and Tony on commentary)
Rude did his usual mic work before the match. Rude did an inset and said he was going to pluck Piper's three body hairs like a chicken. Rude made out with a girl from the front row after the match. You know, I'd much rather have that gimmick then having to dress up like a Rooster.

Piper said he's been eating gaines burgers(dog food), chasing cars and chasing Hun's on his way to the Rumble. He told Rude that he will show him what Noriega feels like. Honky again promised to play atleast 29 hits. Andre said he was ready and Haku stared at him like he was crazy as Andre laughed.

Demolition defeated Alan Martin & George South (Jesse and Vince on commentary)
Vince asked Jesse if he had the jitters before hosting the Rumble and Jesse said he's the most experienced man in the world. Jesse said he'd like to see The Rockers go at it in the Rumble. I would too. He says it would be a great match-up and like always, he's right. Smash did a 30 second sequence of sledgehammers on his opponent. The Demos said they were in search of two colossal rats at the rumble and said they would last just so they can fight them. Jesse pointed out that the Demos shouldn't have revenge on their mind as they may not even see the Colossal's in the Rumble due to the luck of the draw. The Demos won with the Demolition Decapitation.

Event Center
Fuji said the PoP's would make the Rockers suffer and scream. He said other things but the PoP's were growling too loud to hear them. Dusty said Savage better be ready for the common people and Americana. There was a cool local ad for the show after it.

Next week: Piper, Bad News, Jake, Mr. Perfect and The Warrior

Thoughts: This was a pretty good show. It went by really fast and Dibiase ordeal was the best thing on the show.

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