Friday, July 27, 2012

WWE Superstars 7/26/2012

Drew McIntyre vs Sin Cara
This was a great match. McIntyre channeled his inner Arn Anderson and worked on Sin Cara's arm most of the match. He did a couple of things I've never seen before and he looked great. Sin Cara was fine but he looks extremely slow. I guess it could be my feed, but I've never seen him wrestle so slowly in 7 years. You should really check this out. Rating: ***1/2

Justin Gabriel/Tyson Kidd vs Curt Hawkins/Tyler Reks
Reks and Hawkins dressed alike with sunglasses, sleeveless jackets and green pants. Hawkins also carries a cane. Stanford was building this one as "Thunder vs Lightning". Stanford mentioned that Reks was the first man to knock Ryback off his feet and it shows that Ryback is human. They talked about Gabriel finding a place where he could skydive near his house and called him an andrenaline junkie.

We got a quick No Holds Barred commercial during the match. They said that for the first ever, we will discover a film that "captured an era". I'll fully admit that I liked NHB.

According to Stanford, Hawkins/Reks are wearing their green to pay tribute to the Dynamic Dudes and People Power, even though Ace is long gone. Kidd was so good in this one. He had a great comneback with lots of cool kicks. He was definitely channeling the 1-2-3 Kid there.  He hit a sweet blockbuster for the win that the crowd loved. Good match! Give these two teams names pronto! Rating: **3/4

Zack Ryder vs Michael McGullicutty
Stanford said that this was an unoffical internet championship match. They said that last time these two fought, Ryder got the win via the Rough Ryder.  According to Stanford, McGuillicutty says that he fishes in the summer inbetween wrestling. I'd be up for a fishing gimmick. Also according to Stanford, McGullicutty wants to go after the US title. I liked McGulli's demolition style beatdown in this. Ryder hit the Broski Boot, love it. McGulli then hit a cool backdrop for payback on that. Ryder went up top and got the win with a legdrop onto a standing McGuillicutty. Good match! Rating: **1/2

Overall thoughts: This was a great edition of Superstars. Every match was good and everything clicked. If Superstars is going to be like this every week, I'm going to have to watch it. Don't skip this!

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