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WWE Smackdown 4/14/2006 - Benoit vs JBL Cage Match

WWE Smackdown 4/14/2006 - Benoit vs JBL Cage Match

Booker cut a promo to start the show about getting a restraining order against the Boogeyman. The ring had a crown and cape in the ring to hype up the King of the Ring tournament, which Booker ended up winning. Booker ended up putting the crown and cape on and then got speared by Bobby Lashley.

Johnny Nitro vs Brian Kendrick
Kendrick got the upset here. There was way too much interference and shenanigans to give this any kind of rating. It's a shame too as it was looking good there.

Regal lost a match to Paul Birchall last week where if he loses, he has to dress up a "buxom wench". They cut to the back to show Paul laughing at him.

Paul Birchall vs Rasheed Brown
Regal had to do Birchall's rope swinging entrance and fell on his face. They made him look really silly with an overstuffed bra and silly blonde hair and knickers. Birchall poked him with his sword and Cole said that Regal has to dress like this until Birchall loses. Regal got on the apron and tried to use the brass knucks(not sure on who) and Birchall ran into him and then hit his opponent with the single standing spanish fly for the win. This was quick but it was entertaining.

Road Warrior Animal vs Matt Hardy
This is from Animal's short biker heel run. Hardy won with a twist of fate in about 30 seconds.

US title Cage match - Chris Benoit vs JBL
JBL won this one by escaping the cage after low-blowing Benoit. For workrate purposes, this was an all-time classic cage match. They were really stiff with each other but that was nothing compared to the rest of it. They took main event level bumps here. We got german's off the cage, legsweeps off the cage and Benoit just falling off the cage looked painful. I would have liked a more proper finish as Jillian Hall got involved for JBL and was messing with the cage door(which ended up with JBL eating it to the face), but other than that it was a real classic and something you are never going to see in WWE again. Rating: ****1/2

The Gymini  vs Psicosis and Super Crazy(The Mexicools)
I loved the Mexicools.  WWE at this time was really firing on all cylinders with creative gimmicks and this was one of them. Loved the Juan Deere's too! The Gymini sucked, but Simon Dean was good. Taz heard Dean's whistle and said it brought up some bad memories. Taz was really annoying in this with his constant debate with Cole about which Gymini was in the ring. The Gymini switched roles and one of them got a T-Bone Tazplex for the win.

Randy Orton vs Kurt Angle
I believe there was a contest that night to see who could take the stupidest bump. Orton and Angle came close to winning it, but Benoit definitely took the prize. Orton got suplexed to the outside of the ring and did a face first flop to the floor. Looked really nasty and he was holding his leg after. Orton and Kurt had a really good match here with Kurt tapping out Orton to the ankle lock. After the match he continued to press it on. Rating:***

Overall Thoughts: This was a good show. The last two matches were really strong and the rest of the show was entertaining. You aren't going to be able to do much better than this! Check it out!

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