Thursday, July 26, 2012

WWE NXT 7/25/2012

WWE NXT 7/25/2012

Bo Dallas/Derrick Bateman vs Michael Mcgillicutty/Johnny Curtis
According to Regal, Cena told him that Bateman is the strongest man in the WWE. Mark Henry says hi. Regal said Michael and Curtis remind him of the Andersons. The crowd could have cared less during this match. Nothing was wrong with it but it was not very exciting. Curtis ended up winning with a version of the falcon arrow. Rating: *

Antonio Cesaro vs Alex Riley
Cesaro and Aksana wore matching outfits. They pushed that he played rugby. Then Regal mentioned that Cesaro learned his abdominal stretch from Zoltan Boscik. Boscik was a wrestler in Britain in the 1970's. It may have been the strangest WWE reference ever. Cesaro did a cool Karelin lift. Regal said that Cesaro went to Steve Wright's house in England and learned it from him by getting suplexed in his backyard. For those that don't know, Steve Wright is the father of Alex Wright of WCW fame. Ross said that Cesaro has been eating cheese and cutting cheese and was a Renaissance man. Cesaro then put Riley in a standing octopus hold that Regal called the "Zoltan Boscik Special". Cesaro won here with a Gotch-style piledriver that landed like a Styles Clash. Rating: **

Kassius Ohno did an interview where he said he inflicts pain and is a dangerous man. He repeated this again. Ohno is looking quite hobo-like these days.

They had a fake weather update with an F-5 storm coming. They said the perfect storm Brock Lesnar was coming.

Interview with Drew McIntyre
Striker said that people think Drew didn't live up to the hype and has been passed by. Drew said he's been talking and tonight the talking ends.

Sofia Cortez vs Natalya
Sofia looks alot like Beth Phoenix with her outfit. Natalya did a cool surfboard on her. Natalya got counted out. She refused to come into the ring. Weird. She then put Sofia in the sharshooter.

The Ascension vs Dante Dash/Garrett Dylan
Ascension have a great entrance but that's about it. Dash looks like Shelton Benjamin and Dylan looks like Trevor Murdoch. Ascension won with a Total Elimination. They scream alot. This was Squash City here.

We got a Big E. Langston package. They package him like a combination of Mark Henry and Monty Brown.

Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre
It's never good when they push you as a person with "setbacks" and "scars from his personal life". JR compared it to a midlife crisis. I feel really bad for Drew. The crowd was into Rollins. He went for a phoenix splash and landed on his feet, then ate a yakuza kick from Drew. Drew won with a double underhook DDT. Good match but too short. Rating: *1/2

Thoughts: This show was alright but not great. There were way too many tall tales and I think Vince is back in the gorilla position telling these guys what to say. You can probably skip this one.

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