Thursday, July 19, 2012

WWE NXT 7/18/12

Tamina Snuka vs Kaitlyn
I swear I'm not imagining things, this was good! Everyone did their job and Kaitlyn is showing that she is studying submissions. She did a abdominal stretch while Tamina was tangled in the ropes and she did a version of the La Escalera(ground abdominal stretch) onto Tamina. Tamina got out of  that though and did the Superfly Splash for the win. Where did this come from? Watch out for Tamina. Rating: **3/4

Big E. Langston package
This was surpisingly also pretty good. They showed him lifting weights. Then they showed covering his hands in weightlifting chalk and slapping them together. He said when he does this, "it means its the end". Does the E. in Big E. Langston stand for "End"? This was a good package. Big E. sucks, but if they can establish some things like the chalk maybe there is a chance. The big problem is that there's another big weightlifting guy on the roster and his name is Mark Henry. Weightlifters/Strongmen also have a habit of not getting over in the WWE.

Jinder Mahal vs Percy Watson
I only like Jinder if Abraham Washington is on commentary pimping him. "My man Jinda". Jnder put his turban into a clear plastic box before entering the ring. Regal claimed that he went to his christening. Percy seemed pretty hyped coming to the ring for this. Percy was really good throughout this whole match. Jinder was Jinder. WWE is still behind him but he just doesn't have "it". Jinder won with the Camel Clutch. Percy got a second helping of the Camel Clutch after the match. Rating: *1/2

Richie Steamboat vs Leo Kruger
This is my first time getting to see Leo Kruger. He was like the eternal FCW champion. I really like his entrance. Regal claimed his slash was bestowed upon him by Nelson Mandella. Kruger did a cool spot here where he rolled Richie up only he rolled him into the turnbuckle where he hit his head. I liked this match. Kruger has something but he also looks a little effeminate in the ring. Richie really shouldn't be jobbing, but they shouldn't of booked themselves into a corner. Rating: **

Promo for Raquel Diaz and the Exfoliating Ugliness tour

Raquel Diaz vs Paige
Diaz screams being a rip-off of The Beautiful People. Paige wears all black. Paige is also already over. Naturally she lost to a Gory Special from Diaz. Rating: 1/4*

There was a quick segment with Aksana hitting on Alex Riley. Antonio Cesaro then walked in and him and Riley talked about differences between Europeans and Americans. They announced that they will fight next week.

Heath Slater vs Justin Gabriel
Heath Slater is now the "One Man Southern Rock Band". He wasn't a country rocker last time. My friend used to refer to Gabriel as "Wild Berry Poptarts" due to the colorful gear that he used to wear. JR joined the booth for this one. Gabriel took a nasty fall off the top rope on his neck when Slater shook it. Gabriel won with a moonsault into a Scorpion Deathdrop. Rating: **

Thoughts: This was a very good show. The presentation and announcing are excellent. The matches were all pretty good and nothing made me upset.

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