Thursday, July 19, 2012

WCW Main Event 7/18/1993

Beach Blast 1993 is in a few hours so this is one of the last go home shows for it. They are really pushing the Vader/Sid vs Sting/Davey Boy Smith match hard along with Flair vs Windham for the NWA title.

Michael Hayes is one of the hosts live from a resort pool somewhere.

Jim Neidhart vs. JD Wolf
This wasn't bad for a Jim Neidhart squash. He must have just left WWF before coming here as I didn't know Neidhart came to WCW before 1997. He was in pretty good shape here. Jim won with the Anvilizer(Cobra Clutch) which I had never seen him do before.

We get a review of the Maxx Payne vs Johnny B. Badd feud.  Badd promised to "get his booty with my tooty fruity". Something doesn't sound right there. They showed Badd getting hit with a baseball bat and they showed him getting hit right in the face with his confetti blaster. Badd then wore the most ridiculous mask ever to cover up the injuries from it. It had white feathers and he looked like a goose.

We then get a short push for the PPV with Eric Bischoff in a Hawaiian shirt.

Arn Anderson & Paul Roma vs. Chris Sullivan & Don Brodie
This is the first time that I've ever seen Roma in the Horsemen.  That's more to me never seeing much WCW 1993 though. They said during the match that Sting and Davey Boy Smith are taking calls during their preparation for their Beach Blast match. I'd be more interested in talking to Double A actually. Speaking of that, "The Cruncher" Larry Z. on commentary mentioned that Arn is a great example of an endo-morphic human being. I looked up that word and apparently it's a person who gains weight easy and has high body fat. The Horsemen won this with a Double A Spinebuster and a "Top Rope Swandive".

We got some clips of what lead up to the Bash main event. Vader took a chair to Davey Boy and Sting came in for the rescue. We then get clips from the stupid Beach Blast 1993 video that WCW spent tons of money on. We get a Vader/Sid promo then a powerbomb fest with Vader and Sid. I could watch them powerbomb people all day. The feud continued with Sid interferring in a Davey/Vader match with Sting making the save.  Sid cut a promo after it promising that Sting/Davey will be in "hell". Sting and Davey closed out this package by saying tonight they will have a "Beach Blast".

Ron Simmons vs. Big Sky
I don't have big hopes for this one. Ron came out to some really weird rap song which had Ron leading the crowd into raising their hands like they don't care. Larry said all they needed was Richard Simmons now. I'd be up for a brother vs brother feud between Ron Simmons and Richard Simmons. Okay, brothers from very different mothers. Larry said you should call Sting and Davey because it may be their last phone calls. "Get them while they are living", he said. Larry said that Sky was "not the best wrestler in the world". I'm surprised they were saying things like that in 1993. Larry's right, but no need to point it out.  Then Larry started ripping on Sky's endurance. Sky took a shot on Simmons and Larry asked if "you heard those choppers pop". Then he compared him to Paul Bunyan. The only good part about this one was the finish. Sky is like a poor man's Lance Hoyt. Rating: 1/4*

Thoughts: This was all about Beach Blast 1993. The Sid/Vader vs Davey/Sting stuff interested me and Jim Neidhart was actually decent. I also enjoyed Larry Z's terrible commentary. No need to really see this though.

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