Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Selected matches from BJW TV 5/25/2012

Abdullah Kobayashi, Takashi Sasaki & "Black Angel" Jaki Numazawa vs Yuko Miyamoto, Isami Kodaka & Masashi Takeda  - Iron Shark Cage and Lighttubes Deathmatch

This was pretty much your standard BJW deathmatch. It was good but nothing special at all. The Shark Cage was not used much at all and in BJW, lighttubes might as well be considered on par with headlocks. This had a younger generation vs vets vibe to it and Takeda/Jaki both stood out. Not too many big spots here(for BJW). Jaki hit Isami with lighttubes that had tacks inside and he did a frankensteiner on Isami off the shark cgae onto tacks. Takeda speared someone through lighttubes into the cage. Jaki got the win on Takeda with straightjacket piledriver. My biggest problems with this match were the guys not really doing anything too special and the BJW guys selling the lighttubes on and off. If they show that it doesn't hurt, how can I believe that it does? Rating: **1/2

Daisuke Sekimoto/Yuji Okabayashi vs Shinya Ishikawa/Yoshihito Sasaki
BJW has the best heavyweight division in Japan and they aren't even a traditional wrestling league. Sekimoto taught Oka just about everything he knew and he turned him into a solid worker. I said in 2008 that Oka was the future of Japanese wrestling and I still stick by it. Sekimoto is no slouch either. Sasaki has been fighting these two for the better part of two years and it still hasn't gotten old. He had a huge hardway juice in this. Oka got the win here. Rating: ** 3/4

Barbed Wire Boards: Ryuji Ito & Kankuro Hoshino vs Shuji Ishikawa & Saburo Inematsu
Hoshino gave a 10 star selling performance here. I felt bad watching this because of how real he made it look. The first half with Hoshino was really good but it started to drag once Ito got in there. This one really didn't need 15 minutes. Rating: **

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