Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Davey Richards vs Michael Elgin and Jushin Liger vs Ultimo Dragon

3/31/2012 - ROH World Title - Davey Richards vs Michael Elgin
This has been highly pimped as a possible MOTY for this year. This is pretty much your typical ROH big show match. Lots of stiff shots, high impact moves and absurd kick-outs. They did some really cool moves in this match such as: Elgin powerboming Richards into the steel barricades, Richards doing a top rope dragon suplex and Richards doing a double stomp onto Elgin on the outside ring apron. While these were cool, the match really should have ended after the top rope dragon suplex. The crowd would have bought it and Elgin could have saved some other bumps for another day. Other than that, this match was mostly all Davey Richards with tons of kicks. This can be good or not depending on where you stand in the Davey Richards debate. Richards won this one with a kick to the head.  I liked the match but they probably could have ended it about 7 minutes sooner and gotten a better rating from me. Rating: ****

14/1993 NJPW/WCW Supershow III or NJPW Fanatastic Story in Tokyo Dome - IWGP Jr. Hvy. Title - Ultimo Dragon vs Jushin Liger
Sorry for the double names of this show, but it depends on what you want to go by. This was a sharp match that also probably went a little too long. They started to run out of things to do after a while and thats where they lost their direction. Up until Dragon's first slip on the turnbuckle(followed by a second), this match looked to be approaching the high ****+ territory. The big highlights here were Liger's sick neckdropping powerbombs, Ultimo doing dives and getting the rail as much as his opponent and Liger's cool swanton to the outside on Dragon. Liger ended up winning this with a frankensteiner.This was a really good match but it got worse as it went on. Rating: ***3/4.

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