Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some AJPW Matches

AJPW 1987 - Great Kabuki/John Tenta vs Tom Zenk/The Terminator
Tenta was only about 2-3 years into his career at this point and he already was great. He was pretty thin here and the differences between his weight at this point and during WWF were big. Tenta was the glue of this match. He was agile, strong and he looked like a superstar in the making. Zenk was in great shape but he was still working out the kinks. No idea who Terminator was but he might as well have not even been in it and this wasn't a great showing by Kabuki. Tenta beat the Terminator with a powerslam and an elbow.


AJPW 1990 Abdullah the Butcher/Ivan Koloff/Randy Rose vs Akio Sato/Shunji Takano/Akira Taue
RANDY ROSE. Does it get any more random than this? Takano was AWESOME. He did a great backwards cartwheel bump off a headbutt and did a MONKEY FLIP on Abdullah. That was money. Sato took a really cool bump to the outside too at full speed. Abby pinned Sato with an elbow in this all-squash match.

Rating: **1/2

AJPW 1991 - Mike Golden/Randy Rose vs The State Patrol
The Golden Roses wore matching pink tights for this. I thought that Golden might have been related to Bunkhouse Buck, but it seems not.  The State Patrol gave their opponents parking tickets to start the match. No, I'm not joking. They also came out to the CHiPS theme. This was clipped to death so no rating unfortunately. I wanted to see more of the Golden Roses :(

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