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1/4/1993 WCW/NJPW Supershow 3 or NJPW Fantastic Story in the Tokyo Dome

WCW/NJPW Supershow 3 or NJPW Fantastic Story in the Tokyo Dome

This is the WWE 24/7 version of this WCW show so you can just imagine how rough this is at times. Everyone has virtually the same music and the crowd is overdubbed to the point that there is no heat for anything. Add in the announcers who have no idea who anyone is and this is a pretty poor overall presentation.

1/4/1993 NJPW/WCW Supershow III or NJPW Fanatastic Story in Tokyo Dome - IWGP Jr. Hvy. Title - Ultimo Dragon vs Jushin Liger
Sorry for the double names of this show, but it depends on what you want to go by. This was a sharp match that also probably went a little too long. They started to run out of things to do after a while and thats where they lost their direction. Up until Dragon's first slip on the turnbuckle(followed by a second), this match looked to be approaching the high ****+ territory. The big highlights here were Liger's sick neckdropping powerbombs, Ultimo doing dives and getting the rail as much as his opponent and Liger's cool swanton to the outside on Dragon. Liger ended up winning this with a frankensteiner.This was a really good match but it got worse as it went on. Rating: ***3/4.

Ron Simmons vs Tony Halme
It started off okay but got worse as it went on. There were more powerslams in this match than any other match on the show. Rating:*

Mr. Saito/Shinya Hashimoto vs Scott Norton/Dustin Rhodes
It got a little better towards the end but it went too long. Hashimoto took a ton of offense then just randomly made a come back and won! Rating: *

IWGP Title vs NWA Title - Great Muta vs Masa Chono
This almost turned into a lazy Muta match but they picked up right when it got slow and turned it around. They had a nice finishing stretch and both guys seemed to wake up during it. Rating: ***

Takayuki Izuka/Akira Nogami/El Samurai vs Nobukazu Hirai/Masao Orihara/Koki Kitahara
Orihara was really good here which was no surprise. Bischoff had no idea as to who was who and was really embarassing to listen to. They muted the introductions, but I'd still say it might have been more helpful in Japanese. This had about a million dropkicks to the point that I never want to see one again. You just want to see Orihara and Kitahara in this and the rest were virtually useless. Rating: *

Sting vs Hiroshi Hase
This was a main event squash match. Hase got little offense in and got none of his signature moves in. Sting just overpowered him the whole time and jobbed him out. It wasn't bad, but a more competitive match would have been alot better. Rating: *3/4

They cut out: Choshu vs Tenryu and Steiners vs HellRaisers.

Overall: The opener was good and that's about it. The presentation ruined everything and WCW made sure to skip two out of the three best matches on the show! WCW! Skip it!

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