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Osaka Pro TV - Super Milo Land 9/26/2004

Super Milo Land is a Super Mario themed show that Osaka Pro had in 2004 with A Bathing Ape(A clothing company). I remember being really interested about it when I had heard of years earlier. It sounded pretty funny.

Goa vs Iron Mario:
This is in digest form and it switches between parts pretty quickly. Iron Mario acts like a monkey and does monkey movements. Goa is super quick and crisp. Goa hits a great frog splash with tons of air and wins it.

Mario Vogue vs Yutaka:
This Mario is dressed like a green telletubby. He does Kendo spots and a really cool exploder. Mario Vogue wins with a kamehameha into a rollup.

Footsoldier & Mario Star vs. Black Buffalo & Mil Bone
Mario Star pretends to be a star and kind of does floating movements. He tries to do a windup slap like a pitcher but gets slapped for his efforts then gets it returned to him. Star accidentally knocks out the referee then revives him with his jazz fingers motion.  Mil Bone gets a german for the win.

Mil Mouse #1 & Mil Mouse #2 & Mil Mouse #3 vs. Ebessan & Gamma & Densen Man:
The ref tries to get Eb to take it seriously and tells him - puroresu. Eb says sorry and pretends to lock up.  The ref tells him - Serious and Eb says - It is.

Eb and his opponent do a dance and then do their pointing poses again. 

Gamma gets in and goes against the monkey in black. The monkey shakes the rope like the Warrior. Okay, that was kind of funny. Gamma then mocks him. More comedy mixed with a little wrestling. The white monkey ends up getting the win over Gamma.

This was really stupid stuff and I definitely missed the joke somewhere. I can't really rate this because I don't know how to. I think the clipping kind of hurt this one as it was a little hard to figure out what was going on.

9/4/04  Osaka Pro Title Match: Billy Ken Kid vs. Takehiro Murahama:
Murahama really just disappeared off the map somewhere in time. Since I'm partial to kickers, I usually enjoyed him. I recommend his stuff with Liger in NOAH if you can find it.

The match was okay but it being clipped hurt it. It was mostly back and forth with moves until Billy won with the 450. ** Rating.

9/11/2004 Big Boss MAGMA  vs Masato Matoba:
Magma does a cool Asai in the ring along with some other nice flips. His a nasty release german, a nasty lariat and a powerbomb to get the win. Total Squash.

9/11/2004 Osaka Puroresu Tag Title Match: Tigers Mask & Billy Ken Kid vs. Black Buffalo & Yutaka:

JIP again. Too much clipping here. This is a fast paced match. Love Buffalo's lariat in this. The heels do a great Doomsday Device/High Kick combo. Tigers hits a nice german with a roll through to try for another german then cranks Yutaka with an exploder and a tiger suplex for the win. What I saw looked good, but we aren't talking more than 3 minutes tops here.

The clippings killed this tape. It was so hard to really get an idea of anything that happened and even harder to review it.

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