Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The next batch of shows I'm getting

I got some new shows coming in shortly, here's what I got:

(Please keep in mind I'm on a LLPW high after the 5 star match I reviewed earlier and now I want to see more)

DDT Ladder Retirement 9-28-2003 - You are probably wondering what exactly this is. DDT is the strangest promotion in the world barnone. They are known for wacky storylines and this is a good example of one. One of their wrestlers named MIKAMI is a highflyer who likes to do moves off of his ladder. He usually carries it around with him and this time, it worked against him. During a multi-man match, Mikami left his ladder in the ring with an opponent who was downed. The ladder fell on top of him and the ref declared Mikami's Ladder the new hardcore 24/7 champion! You would think that this has to be the oddest champion ever but DDT outdid themselves by having an action figure, a poster and even a dog become champion. This show features a retirement ceremony for a ladder. I've always wanted to see this since I heard of it happening and soon I will.

D2P Return of the Hexagon 2-7-2006
Dragondoor was an offshoot of Toryumon/Dragon Gate that featured past Toryumon wrestlers, Toryumon X wrestlers who never got brought to the main roster and the recently fired Aagain Iisou. Toryumon created the greatest promotion in history known as T2P in 2001. The promotion featured high-speed complicated llave wrestling ala Skayde and gave us tons of current stars like Naruki Doi, the Sato twins and Masato Yoshino. This show featured the return of the T2P 6-sided ring and reunited two members of the Italian Connection against Aagan Iisou.
 LLPW August-Sept 1997 - I actually have the first half of this tape. I probably shouldn't have gotten it for that reason but the second part of the tape has a Sawai/Asuka vs Kandori/Kazama match that has to be good. Since Asuka vs Kandori never came about, this is as close as I'm getting. The main looks hopeful too with: Yasha Kurenai & Carol Midori & Mikiko Futagami -vs- Harley Saito & Noriyo Tateno & Mizuki Endo.
 LLPW October 1997 - The two main things I wanted to see from this are Lioness Asuka vs Yasha Kurenai and a trios match with Shinobu Kandori & Rumi Kazama & Yasha Kurenai -vs- Eagle Sawai & Sayori Okino & Michiko Nagashima. It probably won't be as good as the 5-star trios match but it might be fun.
 LLPW Dec 97 - Feb 98 - The main thing I'm looking at in this is Shinobu Kandori & Mayumi Ozaki & Rumi Kazama -vs- Dynamite Kansai & Cuty Suzuki & Harley Saito. This match is interesting because it is one of the few LLPW vs JWP matches. LLPW and JWP both split from the original JWP in the early 1990's and even through the big promotional era of joshi, no LLPW wrestler fought a JWP wrestler. In theory, this should be good and heated. There is also another trios match similar to the one I mentioned above.
LLPW Samurai TV: July-August 1997 - (2 1/2 hrs)
There is a trios gauntlet on this featuring the teams of: Yasha Kurenai & Carol Midori & Mikiko Futagami, Noriyo Tateno & Harley Saito & Rumi Kazama  and Shinobu Kandori & Michiko Omukai & Mizuki Endo. There is also this match which looks really tasty: Eagle Sawai & Lioness Asuka & Eriko Tsuchiya -vs- Shinobu Kandori & Harley Saito & Mizuki Endo

LLPW Samurai TV: April 7, 1997 (Taped 06/03 & 08/03/97, Tokyo) - (2 hrs) - The big highlights on this are an early appearance of Emi Sakura and an 8-woman's tag featuring Megumi Kudo.

LLPW COMM: February 11, 1997, Tokyo) - (1 1/2 hrs)
We got another 8-woman's elimination match here which is really the only reason I got this.

NEO Three Nights August 14-16 1998 1.5 hoursOkay, I cant defend this one. Curiousity has gotten the worst of me and I should fess up to my wrestling watching sins right now. For whatever reason, NEO decided to bring in Nicole Bass in 1998. Not only did they bring her in, but they put her over everyone and even got Kyoko to do a job for her. I'm asking for it here and I know it.

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