Saturday, June 9, 2012

NEO Three Nights 8/14-8/16/1998: Selected Matches

Nicole Bass vs Etsuko Mita
Would you believe it if I said Nicole Bass was actually a little bit over and decent in this match? Didn't think so. Nicole yells "You are weak" and "weak" a bunch of times along with saying "Nothing" after Mita does anything to her. She even yawns after a chair shot. Nicole wins in 3:11 with a chokeslam. This is your basic squash but it was interesting atleast. Rating: No rating

Nicole Bass vs Chapritta ASARI
Surely if Mita couldn't get the job done, ASARI can right? Nicole gets another chokeslam victory at 1:57. Again another squash, not much to say about it. Rating: No Rating

Nicole Bass vs Kyoko Inoue
Naturally, Kyoko booked herself to be almost even with Nicole. Everything Nicole does looks akward, she even looks akward. She almost kills Kyoko by losing her on a powerbomb and having her make a really odd landing. Nicole wins in 4:50 with another chokeslam. You know, if wrestling had nothing to do with actually being coordinated and physical, Bass maybe could have improved, but she can't do anything and make it look good.  There wasn't much to it and certainly not much to rate. I imagine that the rating would have plummeted further if this went any longer. Rating: *

Lioness Asuka & Hechisera & The Bloody -vs- Mima Shimoda & Etsuko Mita & Saya Endo
Was there a show during the late 90's that LCO wasn't on? I swear they are on almost every tape I own minus a couple of the LLPW's(Mima is even on some of them!). Not that I mind, but just saying. Mima gets hardway juiced from a Lioness chairshot to the nose. Ouch. It was a pretty nasty looking cut. Does Endo know any other moves besides the top rope leg drop? This match stunk. There was no direction to it and that's because Shark and Crusher came in and just destroyed the face team anyway. This went forever at 24:14 and it got slower by the second. The heels won with LCO's guardrail attack and a Lioness powerbomb.  I enjoyed the Kyoko/Bass match more. Rating: 3/4*
Fang Suzuki vs Yoshiko Tamura
Fang is like a D-level Dump clone. Fang won after Shark came in and clotheslined Tamura. Rating: DUD

Mima Shimoda vs Chapritta ASARI
Mima did basically a 450 to the floor from the top. This was great AJW-style stuff. ASARI wins with two Skytwisters. Rating: ***

Kyoko Inoue vs Hikari Fukuoka
Hikari was a house on fire in this. Kyoko german'd her from the top, so nasty. I loved Hikari's high impact front flip dropkick from the top, loved the moonsault footstomp too. Hikari took a great 360 bump off the lariat too. This match was a Hikari highlight reel. There's never going to be another like her.  Great stuff. Hikari probably could have pulled out something better with Bass. Rating: ***3/4.

Yoshiko Tamura vs Misae Genki
Bowling shoe ugly. Genki popped Tamura right in the face for botching a move. They only showed a minute of this thankfully. Rating: No Rating

Yuka Shiina vs Jaguar Yokota
What they showed of this looked pretty good. Yuka seemed really motivated. Rating: *3/4

Mayumi Ozaki vs Yuka Shiina
Oz had a little too much fun working over Shiina.  Shiina looked good in this. Rating: *1/2

Yuka Nakamura vs Mima Shimoda
I might be wrong but the tape said that this is Yuka's debut. This was a good debut. Rating: *1/4


  1. I had to come and read the blog for the Nicole Bass in Japan match reviews. I'm a sucker for the WTF Gaijins on Japanese tours.

  2. Doesn't get much stranger than Nicole Bass in NEO! Truth be told, I'm surprised we haven't seen more former WWE girls in japan.