Monday, June 4, 2012

Lioness Asuka vs Kyoko Inoue - NEO Official Release 11/20/2001

After the two previous terrible NEO main events which got a * altogether, I'm hoping for something better this time. Kyoko and Lioness had a great series with matches in the ****-***** range in 1999, so this should be better.

Kyoko has pitch black hair in this. That's something I've never seen before.

Opening: We get a lariat vs high kick battle to start off. We also get an Iconoslam on Kyoko which is no joke. They go outside, and I literally mean outside. Unfortunately, there is one hard cam only so who knows whats going on. This happened at a Kaientai Dojo show once that I went to and I ended up leaving after about 20 minutes of it. They come back and go into the stands. Even though there is at max 200 people, you still can't really make out what they were doing for a second.

Middle: Lioness takes control and gets some plundah. Lioness gets a nice powerbomb on Kyoko. Lioness hits Kyoko with a pole and Kyoko does a terrible ddt/suplex onto the outside. Lioness returns the favor in what looks like a not fun bump.

Ending: Lioness teases backdropping Kyoko through a table off the apron for about 3 minutes straight and they call a double count out!

Match thoughts: I. HATE. NEO.

Rating: -*****. Terrible terrible booking. No wonder NEO closed. This has to be the worst string of main events I've ever seen. Now I know why I didn't see any reviews of this garbage.

EDIT: The match had a 10-minute time limit. Of course you are saying, well how did you miss that? Well, on these NEO tapes there are no graphics whatsoever and I didn't pay attention to the announcments. My mistake. Still, booking a 10 minute draw with these two was kind of a waste.
Rating:  This is hard to rate because it was a draw. The match ended right as it started to get good. I really can't give what they did more than *1/2, so I will leave it at that. They could have done better in the 10 minutes though.

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