Monday, June 4, 2012

Kyoko Inoue vs Mima Shimoda vs Yoshiko Tamura NEO Official Release 11/2/2001

This is the main event of the show. I don't have high hopes for it but lets see.

Opening: Mima's choosing to sit out the opening of this match in the corner. In a nice spot Mima actually grabs her pink chair for a better seat. Hey, it's already a better use of it than in the last match of hers I reviewed. Kyoko goes for the tag after a long control segment and Mima shoots her down. Kyoko begs her for help after getting put in a leg lock and Mima runs over, then politely skips right over Kyoko and back out the ring. I'm liking this.

Middle: Tamura takes control for a while with more poorly sold leg work. Kyoko gets out and this time Mima is tying her shoes when Kyoko comes for the tag. This is the kind of comedy I like in wrestling as it has some believability to it without hurting the realism of it. Kyoko gets shot down for the tag again and Mima comes from behind and its get in. The girls all do some in ring stuff and the focus stays on Kyoko's leg. Lots of suplexes follow and Kyoko tries to get the pin but is told she's not the legal person in the ring. Give the ref a raise for remembering that. More slow mostly heatless mat wrestling follows as Kyoko runs out of gas. Kyoko again screws up the getting dropkicked while sitting on a chair spot by getting up from the chair early. Tamura tries to inject some fire into it, but I think even the crowd knows she has no prayer.

Ending: Misae Genki decided to come in and randomly start whacking people with chairs, so the match ends without a decision.  Someone comes in to hit and fight with Genki but since NEO doesn't know how to use the zoom feature, I couldn't tell you who it is.

Match thoughts: Mima was good in this but the finish was garbage and Kyoko ran out of gas about halfway through.

Rating: DUD. That was twenty minutes of my life I'm not getting back. I would have been mad if I paid to see that.

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