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DDT 9/28/2003 - Ladder Retirement!

I should preface by saying that I'm not an expert on DDT. While I do remember following results back in the day on pixie's site, I really didn't get to see the matches until internet wrestling became more common years later. Retro DDT never got uploaded much and to be honest, it was a little hard even findinga card for this.

I've been to atleast one DDT show and it was actually pretty good. For DDT, I like KUDO, Kota Ibushi and my all time favorite DDT wrestler Toba(Legitimately too).

If you have never seen DDT before then it's going to be something else. DDT is mostly a comedy promotion with some actually good and serious matches from time to time.

1. LADDER MATCH FOR POSION SAWADA'S HEAD: Sanshiro Takagi & Yoshihiro Sakai vs Gill Nakano & Dumbo Matsumoto

Well, I think the title of this pretty much speaks for itself here. This is DDT and ladder matches are rarely ever serious. I find it hard to review comedy matches unless something really outrageous happens. I'm a little rusty on my DDT guys, especially the older ones, but it looks like Miwa is Matsumoto and Tommy is Nakano. Nakano took the top of the ladder to the face and took a nasty stunner from the top of the ladder. Takagi also had a pretty good fall where he got tangled in the ropes after falling off the ladder. Takagi wins the match and Sawada's head. They try to open the bag and Sawada appears after lights go out. He does a number on the winning team.

2. Highlights various matches - This includes some stuff with U-FILE CUMP. Gotta love Engrish. Dino trains with them and looks like a completely different person from today. Dino annoys the U-FILE guys with his homoerotic antics which show a new side to MMA. This was actually pretty funny. They kick Dino out to the street in only his lioncloth.

3. Kyosuke Sasaki & Dai Moriyama vs Danshoku Dino & O.K. Revolution
Dino kisses a 5 year old on the way to the ring. Imagine how that would get over in USA. Dino wrestled only a thong for most of this match and of course DDT had to do closeup shots on his backside and his crotch. I could have lived without seeing that.  Dino strips to an even smaller thong during the match and throws it at the ref. She looks completely disgusted and does a stick-em-up pose. Sasaki gets the win over O.K. Not bad but again, it's hard to rate comedy.

4. KO-D Tag League Finals - Tomohiko Hashimoto & Seiya Morohashi vs Takashi Sasaki & Tanomusaku Toba
If you ever wondered what Sasaki looked like before he got all scarred up, here's your chance. Morohashi does a turn when taking a doomsday device and goes face first into the match. Ouch. This was nothing much. It didn't have any direction and the crowd wasn't into it. Rating: *

Unfortunately, the ladder retirement here is only a small music video with Lonely Road of Faith playing. They show clips of the ladder winning the title and the ladder being used in various matches. Then they have the ladder in the middle of the ring and have the ladder presented with a portrait of it holding the belt. The crowd then throws streamers for the ladder and Mikami's talks to it before taking it to the back. I need the full version of this! Hook me up with it!

This was overall okay. Dino was pretty funny and the ladder retirement was something to be seen(even in music video form).

I discovered that somehow, BJPW's show featuring matches inside of a house is also on this disc. I wanted that show for a long time and I promise that there will be a review of that in the future.

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