Friday, June 22, 2012

Daily Viewings

BJW - Barbed Wire Boards Spike Nail Death, Loser wrestles an Alligator- Mitsuhiro Matsunaga vs. Shadow WX
This match was mainly about a few big spots without anything else. WX took a suplex through a board with light tubes, and Matsunaga took a powerbomb off a stage through a light tube board and a barbed wire board. WX won with a body slam through a barb wire board. The setting up of the weaons in the spots took more than the actual spots. Rating: DUD

Coffin Death Match - Alligator vs Matsunaga
This was a quick 30 second version of this match. I've seen the longer version before and I didn't miss anything. Just so you know, Gators can actually be wrestled with to a degree as alot of trainers have to get ontop of them and pull their heads back to get them to sleep. Trust me, I saw this at Gatorland in Florida.  You can even do this with some of the bigger ones. So naturally, with BJPW being cheap they found a 3 foot gator for Matsunaga. Even if he got bit, it wouldn't have been that bad. Basically, the gator did his best Hulk Hogan impersonation and just stood there for a few minutes. Matsunaga picked him up by his tail and put him in the coffin. I feel bad for anyone who dropped $40 plus to see this. If you want to see a gator fight, watch Swamp People as it might actually entertain you instead of this joke. Rating:....

1/8/1995 IWA-Japan - Tajiri vs Jiraya
Jiraya wears a power ranger/samurai style outfit. Jiraya really stunk. He did everything slowly and deliberately. This match was not good. There was zero heat for this. Rating: DUD

9/30/1996 BJW - Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Tajiri
Wagner talked smack in English during this match along with saying "Yoshiri" everytime he moved. They had a nice match here. Lots of cool highflying and reversals from Tajiri and Wagner was a good rudo for him. Tajiri looked like a completely different wrestler in a little over a year. Rating:**3/4

11/20/1996 BJW - Rocky Santana & Fantastik vs GOKU & Tajiri
GOKU is indeed a wrestler dressed like Goku from DBZ. I always wanted to see him. Fantastik did a Nudo on GOKU, Yes! This match was awesome. Fantastik makes every dive look so cool and when in doubt, get luchadores for your cards! You want this. Rocky won with an odd Bow and Arrow type of lock that was really nifty. Rating: ***1/2

12/2/? BJW - Briscoe Brothers vs Ryuji Ito and Fantastik
The Briscoes did a promo set to some odd calm music before the match. They looked so young here, and I'm sure they were. This had to have been from around 2002-2003.  Ito was the one who looked really odd though. He had long hair and long leather pants and resembled one of the Braham Brothers. He wrestled fast too which is something I've never seen him do. Mark won this one with a Jay Driller. Rating: ** 1/2

11/20/1996 BJW - Scorpions and Cactus Desert Death Match - Mitsuhiro Matsunaga vs Shoji Nakamaki
Ah, BJW. They found another way to screw up an interesting gimmick match. They put all of the Scorpions in a big glass cage and for some reason, they put some kind of liner or something on the inside, so, I couldn't see the actual scorpions. Brilliant BJW. Have a dangerous death match and make the part people want to see most not visible.  This match was actually entertaining. They did some good teases with the Scorpion tank and Nakamaki held Matsunaga down in there for the win. Kendo Nagasaki came in and dumped the cage on Nakamaki after. Rating:*1/2

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