Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Daily Viewings - Stardom & Joshi stars doing MMA

Stardom is probably my favorite joshi promotion at the moment in Japan. Their model is the exact model joshi needed and their skills in finding athletic idols is pretty impressive. I think Stardom is the future of joshi and I'd like to see Stardom try to become a full-time touring promotion in the future.

Kairi Hojo vs Mayu Iwatani STARDOM 3/20/2012
Good stuff here. Kairi debuted this year and already she is pretty memorable. Kairi is still a little sloppy but she has charisma and I think Stardom got something here. These two hit each other with totally sick slaps. Probably some of the hardest I've ever seen. Rating: **

Eri Suza vs Act Yusukawa STARDOM 3/20/2012
Act is kind of like a drunken gothic girl. She does a really cool forward rolling powerslam that I've never seen before. She also does a swinging front facelock. Eri is starting to focus on mma punching. Act is still a little sloppy but she could be an interesting character.  Rating: *1/2

Natsuki Showzuki vs Saki Kashima STARDOM 3/20/12
Showzuki is a great name. They did some pretty cool transitions in this. Kashima did a nice Christo as well. The surprise pinfall at the end of this was pretty good. Natsuki has some energy and seems pretty likeable. Rating**1/2.

12/27/97 Octagon Challenge CMA-KPW Real Fight (shoot matches)
Megumi Yabushita vs. Yuu Jitai
Yabu did a pretty good job here and got the win.

Rieko(Carlos) Amano(JWP) vs. Yoko Takahashi(Jd')
Carlos looked really good here at the beginning. She looked like she was going to get an easy win then she just put Yoko in her guard and layed and prayed for about 10 minutes straight. Neither girl really seemed to know what they were doing striking wise and it showed when Yoko had to get a demonstration and a warning by the ref about not kicking someone in the head when they are down. She seemed to not know this rule and to be honest, the ref didn't really seem to either. It sucked for her as she really had the advantage at that moment then lost it during the ref stop. The ref has them restart and Yoko did it again a few minutes after to get Carlos the TKO win due to illegal striking. Carlos got really lucky here as again Yoko was ready to finish her off but couldn't resist going for a second head kick on the ground.

Lioness Asuka vs. Cho Oto
I think Lioness missed her calling. She went terminator on Oto and took her out immediately. Her partner Chigusa is on top of my women I wouldn't want to cross list and I think Lioness may have equaled her after this.

The wrestlers looked pretty good here which was more a stroke of luck than anything. Inoki must have seen this tape as he decided to put his IWGP champion in against Mirko Cro Cop years later and didn't exactly get ideal results.

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