Thursday, May 24, 2012

Io Shirai and NOSAWA arrested

Io Shirai(Real name: Masami Ohdate) and NOSAWA were arrested for smuggling marijuana from Mexico through Narita Airport.

You know, I can understand making a mistake. It happeneds, and everyone should get a second chance. But this is downright stupid. Let's talk about Nosawa first.

Nosawa a longtime wrestler who's done or a show or two in almost any promotion you can think of. He's also wrestled in more countries than about 90% of all japanese wrestlers. Last year, he was arrested for stealing a car while drunk. Usually, getting arrested in Japan harms your career, where in America, it's no big deal. NOSAWA lost alot of his bookings and was finally starting to get his career back in order, and now this happeneds. I don't know what Nosawa was thinking. Really, I have no idea. He's going be blackballed now and worse for him, he's not going to be able to travel overseas anymore. He's pretty much toasted his career, for the second time. Dumb.

Io Shirai is one of the younger brighter stars in the joshi world. She debuted n 2007 with her sister, Mio Shirai and from the start was something special. Io's promotion MAKEHEN closed with a restaurant scandal that Io was accused of being involved in along with her sister. After her promotion MAKEHEN closed, she dabbed around in WAVE and some other promotions with her sister as a freelance act. Both joined up with Kana to form Triple Tails in 2010 and then joined STARDOM alone in 2011. Even though this is the first time Io has been in trouble, it doesn't make it better. Io obviously didn't learn from Nagisa Nozaki who got fired from DIANA last year for drugs. Nagisa didn't have it too too bad as she did get some WAVE bookings, but alot of it is due to her pretty face more than anything. Nagisa will probably be back just to get injured again shortly, while Io, I'm not so sure about. Obviously her Mexico bookings are gone and I have to think that she will be fired from Stardom. I think we are looking at atleast 1-2 years before she's let back in.

I've met both of these two in person before so I take it a little more personally that this happened, especially with Io who overall seemed to be a cool person. This was just stupid and I can't believe they thought they would get away with this. Maybe I should have seen the writing on the wall though with Io.

UPDATE: Both are blaming the marijuana they were busted with on fans who they say put it into a painting that was done for them:

I don't buy it and the cops don't seem to either.

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