Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Favorite Wrestlers

This will be a quick post about some of my favorite wrestlers. In future posts, I will dedicate individualized posts towards my favorite wrestlers.

I have alot of favorite wrestlers and they change all the time. Since my interests are joshi and 80's/90's American wrestling, most will probably belong in one of those two categories.

My favorite wrestlers:

Toshiyo Yamada - Toshiyo Yamada was a wrestler for All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling from the 80's until the late 90's when they collapsed. She emphasized a kick heavy offense and was one of their top prospects until she levelled off. She was the first person that stuck out to me when I first started watching joshi. I loved her kicks and I thought her gear was pretty cool.  Her matches teaming with Manami Toyota vs Mayumi Ozaki and Dynamite Kansai were legendary and make up most of my top 10 matches.

Skayde - Skayde is a veteran luchador and is the master of Llave. Llave is a complicated style of chain wrestling that combines quickness and multi-step submission holds. It is a constant flowing style of wrestling and is really beautiful when done right. While Skayde was not a big name wrestler during his career, he gained a reputation as an excellent trainer from training the wrestlers belonging to Toryumon and T2P. Simply put, I think he is probably the most fluid and amazing wrestler that I have ever seen.

Ultimate Warrior - WHAT? I'm not joking you. I have been an Ultimate Warrior fan since I was 2. I love his colorful outfits and facepaint and I really liked his quick style of wrestling. While I do not understand his promo's, I find them interesting too. I think Ultimate Warrior is a criminally underrated worker and was involved in more than a fair share of good matches.

Demolition - To a child, Demolition is about the coolest team ever. They have boss theme music, cool gear and wear awesome facepaint(if you are noticing, I like face paint). They were also very underrated and were the tag team during the late 80's. Road Warrior Clones? I think The Road Warriors were Demolition clones.

The Great Muta - Muta was a revolutionary wrestler in the 1990's and sparked my longtime interest in Japan. He was an amazing high flyer for his time and his green mist was the coolest thing to me when I was a kid. He also had some of the greatest costumes known to man. Getting to meet Muta in 2003 was a highlight of my life.

Other favorites:

While I do like all of these wrestlers, I don't know if I could put them at the same level of the five listed above.

The York Foundation - I may be the only person besides my friend who liked this crew. They had awesome theme music, goofy names and they were really entertaining to me for whatever reason.  My goal is to someday re-unite the York Foundation.

Hayabusa - Hayabusa was my favorite wrestler throughout 2003-2005. I was fortunate enough to meet him years later in which was a great experience. While I still like him, I once watched a 6-hour tape of him and I have not watched much of him since. I actually had the same issue with Demolition and...

Doom - Doom was a powerhouse tag team in WCW throughout 1990-1991. They were managed by Teddy Long in arguably his greatest role and they were a big, mean team. I felt that the breaking up of Doom was odd and I think WCW made a big mistake by doing so.

The Von Erichs - I idolized the Von Erichs. Since I was an only child and a wrestling fan, the VE's were really cool to me. I've always had an interest in wrestling families and they probably peaked my interest. I would rank them: Kerry, Kevin, David, Mike, Chris.

Shinobu Kandori - Kandori is maybe the most underrated joshi wrestler alive. She had a ton of great matches including the classic with Akira Hokuto and her no-bs character is what wrestling needs. She's super intense and easily one of my favorites.

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