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LLPW 11/9/1993 Review

LLPW 11/9/1993 Thoughts:

- The crowd seems to fill in more as this show goes on(good call on their part).
- The announcer for LLPW is wearing a stupid fur winter hat that has got to be atleast 10 inches tall.
- LLPW's camera crew totally sucks. Instead of seeing the full motion of move, we see the landings and reactions of opponents only. I can't complain though as some of the dives were missed completely.

Sakie Hasegawa & Chaparrita ASARI vs. Leo Kitamura & Michiko Nagashima - This had a really quick pace but the moment that stands out to me most in this was Asari doing her cartwheel/backflip kick and coming up about 3 feet short of her opponent.

~Sky Flower Rock~: Manami Toyota vs. Carol Midori
~Technical Flash~: Kyoko Inoue vs. Mikiko Futagami
~Dream Kickoff~: Toshiyo Yamada vs. Yukari Osawa
I might as well review all of three of these at the same time. Three full squashes and burials right in a row. It was weird seeing all these girls go down so quick, but soon I would figure out the reason. It was also weird seeing a very sun-tanned Yamada.

Aja Kong vs. Miki Handa - This is yet another squash. Kong shows alot of cockiness in this. Kong is at her best when she can be cocky as her personality really comes out. Makes me wonder what a face Aja Kong would have been like. She hits some really great "screw you" kicks on Handa in this.

~Elimination Battle Field~: Yumiko Hotta & Suzuka Minami & Etsuko Mita & Mima Shimoda & Numacchi vs. Eagle Sawai & Harley Saito & Noriyo Tateno & Yasha Kurenai & Mizuki Endo - Numacchi??? Was Bat Yoshinaga busy this day or something? She was seriously the best they could come up with? Anyway, this match was to payback LLPW for jobbing their girls out 4 matches in a row. Eagle got to play Superman and helped her team win from a 4-2 deficite with Eagle beating Numacchi to get the win. Naturally, LLPW decided to clip 5 minutes of this. The camera crew missed a ton of stuff going on in this, but it was a good match. Best match on the show so far for sure.

Bull Nakano & Takako Inoue vs. Shinobu Kandori & Utako Hozumi - Hozumi is so tiny. She makes Takako look like a giant. Hozumi made this match though. She looked like one of the fastest wrestlers I had ever seen in this match. It's a shame that LLPW never did anything with her, as she was talented, one of the few attractive girls of LLPW, and one of the few with some kind of character. This match raised her stock in my eyes. Too bad that there is probably less than 15 matches of hers on tape. Bull looked extra evil in this and her segments with Kandori were really good(which lead to their big chain singles match). Kandori at one point puts a Fujiwara on Bull and then uses her leg to pull the arm back more which was totally sick. Team LLPW gets the win, getting some payback for the 4 straight jobs.

Hair match - Akira Hokuto vs Rumi Kazama - They show clips from a promo between the two with Hokuto wearing a jean vest and kaki shorts. It made her look like the evil blinging wife of Bob Villa. They show even more talking clips between the two which last somewhere between 5-10 minutes and never end. The match starts off weird from some kind of backbreaker botch, leaving both crawling around the ring(I think Hokuto tweaked her already hurt knee a little in this). LLPW mic'd up Rumi making it possible to hear her groans. There was alot of matwork and extended selling in this. Hokuto randomly ends up winning this lay-around fest after a sleeper. This was a totally strange match and finish, which makes me think someone actually got hurt. Rumi cuts some of her own hair, gives Hokuto the chance to cut some(she doesn't), then some guy finishes buzzing her hair. Most of the LLPW girls cry during this including Kandori, while Endo smiles and gets ideas for her next 'do.

This was the usual mixed bag of LLPW. Like always, Kandori & Eagle are super protected while most of the other girls are made to look like idiots. Kandori ended up even being one of the focuses of the main by getting into it with Hokuto! I was pretty surprised to see how big of a roster LLPW had at one time with 14 LLPW girls on the show. Just for reference, no promotion currently even has 14 girls(LLPW now has 5-7 depending on who you count). The 2 tag matches near the end of the show were the best matches for sure, while the main event was totally disappointing.

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