Monday, April 30, 2012

Bouts to Book after Extreme Rules

In this post, I will talk bouts that should be booked after Extreme Rules. I hope to make this a regular feature on the blog when possible. I will select matches based more on the likelihood of them happening more than what I want to see as a fan. I will probably include my own suggestions though from time to time.

Brock vs Cena II
Let's get the obvious out of the way first. Cena may have won but I feel that there is alot of unfinished buisness left. Brock's probably going to be looking for revenge and I'd love to see if they could top their Extreme Rules match. My guess is no, but we will see...

Chris Jericho vs CM Punk - Last Man Standing or I Quit
While I am personally ready for both guys to move on, there is probably one last match they could get out of this. I'm thinking it should be I Quit since Jericho almost had Punk. Last Man Standing would be fitting as well since it's one of WWE's feud enders. I'd also be okay with a cage match, but I think it's unlikely we will see it since its lost a lot of its luster and it would be coming after the Taker/HHH Hell in a Cell.

Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio
Again, this is not something I'm that interested in seeing, but WWE clearly has plans for Alberto and has plans for Sheamus to lead SD. I'd love to suggest Daniel Bryan instead of one of these two guys, but I think he's going to be taken out of the spotlight until the "YES" phenomenon dies.

Kharma vs Layla
The fans are ready for Kharma's return and since Layla randomly won the title, it will bring us to the same ending, albeit through different means. I don't think it makes a difference regarding who Kharma will beat.

Rhodes vs Big Show
Yeah, this one is never going to end. Again, I'd like to mention that these matches are not necessarily ones I want to see, but more matches that are likely to happen. After that goofy finish last night, they will probably match them up again. Either that or..

Ryback vs Rhodes
It's pretty obvious to me that Ryback will be getting a title shot soon and since there is alot going on with the world title scene, it's more likely that he would get a IC title shot. Ryback getting a shot would explain Show's strange loss and would stick with the face vs heel dynamic.

Clay vs Ziggler:
I wouldn't be surprised to see this happening again. Ziggler has become WWE's go to midcard guy and he's probably going to have to spend some time making Clay look good. Hey, it beats making Ryback look good!

The last one is unlikely but...
Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton
Both of these guys are stuck out of the loop for right now(along with Kane, Miz and Big Show) so matching them up against each other might make sense. It's either this or putting them in three ways that no one would like to see.

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